Sportsman takes helm at Turf Company


    THE Turf Company, one of the country’s leading distributors of irrigation systems, precision mowing equipment, gold carts and other utility vehicles and allied products for over 30 years, has a new president and chief operating officer in Juanchit S. Jose.

    Jose is a passionate sportsman and athlete. After playing tennis under a full athletic scholarship at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, he became a certified tennis professional under the United States Professional Teaching Association. He served as a teaching pro in different clubs in Los Angeles and Chicago. An avid golfer who has played in tournaments here and abroad, he is a member of Ecostrong, the defending champion in the Orchard Golf and Country Club’s Intra-Club tournament.

    He will oversee the company’s overall operations, including achieving sales goals and budgets; managing finances; fostering good relationships with clients and principals; ensuring the productivity of all departments and implementing continuous staff training programs.

    Jose is concurrently the managing director of Finix Corp., a top distributor of fitness and sports equipment used by the country’s popular hotels, gyms and fitness centers. Finix is also a subsidiary of Techno Holdings Corporation.