Ramirez: I have faith in our athletes


    PHILIPPINE Sports Commission chief Butch Ramirez reminded everyone that we face two big challenges for this year’s SEA Games edition – to deliver an efficiently-run, well-executed event as hosts and to come up with our utmost best as we try to win the overall championship for the second time.

    Ramirez stressed that the PSC is ready and has been giving its full support to both efforts.

    The sports agency has allocated P600 million in support of SEAG-related training, competitions and expenses of National Sports Associations, plus another P600 million for training supplies and equipment.

    “There will be a substantial amount of money which will be spent for our national team as well as for the hosting,” Ramirez said, adding that while we can ensure presenting a good event “our final ranking is less within our control since the preparation of our opponents from other countries as well as their own sports landscape ultimately affect what we will see in the medal tally.”

    The last time the Philippines hosted the games in 2005, Filipino athletes lived up to expectations, winning the overall title for the first time.

    While admitting that pressure to clinch the overall championship is ever present and mounting, Ramirez said Team Philippines is all heart and dedication in giving their best performance considering the rare opportunity to play in a highly competitive setting in front of their own countrymen.

    “I have faith in our national athletes.  Lahi tayo ng mga bayani,” he said.