PVL first conference likely to be held in May


    WITH some teams demanding more time for actual training, the Premier Volleyball League might push back the opening of its first conference sometime this May, according to PVL chief Ricky Palou.

    “Because the teams had not had time for actual practice in a long while, some want to have at least three months at the gym before actual competition so their players won’t get injured,” said Palou. “We were supposed to start our conference on April 10 but it could be pushed to May.

    “The teams would have begun entering the competition bubble by April 5 after all of their coaches and players had undergone COVID-19 testing.”

    Palou said the PVL has sent its list of team players and officials as well as its game officials and all other involved in the league to the Games and Amusements Board so they can acquire pro licenses and resume actual workouts.

    He added that once the requirements are completed, the GAB will endorse the PVL’s request for training to the Inter-Agency Task Force in charge of the virus crisis for approval.

    “Once this is done, I presume the clubs can begin actual practices, and some of them I believe are willing spend for a bubble-type of training,” said Palou, adding they presently have six teams, with Air Force and Army set to join the league.

    He said might some teams might resort to the strict home-to-training venue-to-home schedule once they can resume gym workouts.

    Palou said the first conference would be held in a competition bubble inside the Inspire Academy in Calamba and could run for two to three months depending on the number of clubs involved.

    “Each team is composed of 16 players and four for the coaching staff so if we have eight squads that will be a complement of 160. We also take into account our PVL staff and technical officials plus the TV crew will be around another 30,” he said. “We are looking at around 200 to 240 inside the bubble.”