PSC hosts financial literacy webinar


    AFTER helping the Philippines clinch the 2019 Southeast Asian Games championship, the national athletes will now be given pointers by the Philippine Sports Commission to take care of their hard-earned money.

    The PSC will conduct a two-day financial literacy online seminar and workshop for national athletes and coaches on Oct. 29-30 featuring renowned Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and journalist Salve Duplito.

    “We believe this financial literacy webinar is very timely in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

    We want to encourage all our national athletes, coaches and our employees to start their journey to financial wellness while they are young.” said PSC chief Butch Ramirez, adding he has seen so many former athletes squander away winnings and end up in a sorry state in their old age.

    “It pains me to even imagine any of our athletes like that,” he added.

    Duplito is one of the prime movers of financial literacy in the country. She co-anchored the ANC “On the Money” show and now actively continues to teach different sectors of society in her Youtube channel, SalveSays.

    “We teach them the values of discipline and dedication in sports. These are the same values they can apply on how they handle their finances. I really wish that they all exit from being athletes with a comfortable life,” said Ramirez.