Patrick McEnroe praises NY drive-through coronavirus testing

    Patrick McEnroe (Photo by Tennis World)

    TENNIS personality Patrick McEnroe has recovered from the coronavirus, he said on Saturday while praising the efficiency of New York’s drive-through testing operation.

    “Great news for me and my wife Melissa. We both tested negative for COVID-19,” McEnroe said in a short video he posted on Twitter.

    “We just got the tests back this morning from New York state. We both went to the drive-through which I had gone to a few weeks ago.

    “It was even more efficient this time, there were six lines instead of two, lots more people helping out, a very efficient operation.”

    McEnroe, the younger brother of seven-times grand slam champion John, said on March 31 that he had a confirmed case of the coronavirus.

    New York City and the surrounding suburbs have been hard hit by the virus.

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that about 2,000 people were still being hospitalized every day, though he expressed cautious optimism that the peak of the epidemic may have passed.

    “I know we’re talking a lot about tests on TV,” McEnroe said. “We need more of them, all know that, but it was great to see this going so well.

    “Still thinking about everyone on the front lines … Gotta stay the course.”


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