NESF determined to assert own right


    NATIONAL Electronics Sports Federation president Tats Suzara insists the fight for recognition as the National Sports Association for e-sports (electronic games)  in the country is far from over.

    In fact, Suzara stressed that it is just beginning.

    “I will continue to fight because we are the rightful NSA,” the veteran sports administrator and events manager said after learning the Philippine Olympic Committee certified the rival Philippine Electronics Sports Organization as an associate member and the NSA for the money-rich sport.

    “This is to certify that the Philippine E-Sports Organization is an associate member of the National Olympic Committee-Philippine Olympic Committee. As such, PESO is the sole recognized National Sports Association for the sport of E-Sports in the Philippines,” the certificate of recognition issued last Oct. 9 signed by POC secretary general Atty. Edwin Gastanes said.

    The International ESports Federation, which PESO is affiliated and a member of, is “not recognized by the International Olympic Committee, which is in violation of the POC’s own rules,” according to Suzara.

    Among them, he said, was a “certificate of membership with pertinent IOC recognized international federation unless the pertinent IOC recognized IF requires the applicant be accepted first by the National Olympic Committee. An official communication from the IF will have to be presented to the (NOC) membership committee attesting to this requirement for regular membership applicant an IOC recognition is necessary.”