Makati FC goes digital in workouts


    MAKATI FC has its football workouts going digital in these challenging times.

    The effort to launch the Makati FC online training is for the club to address the need of the young athletes to stay active, to refresh what they have been taught and learn new concepts while we adapt to the “new normal.”

    “As we wait and hope for things to get back to normal, Makati FC, together with our top coaches who have been dedicating their time, energy and knowledge, have carefully designed an online training course for our athletes,” said SeLu Lozano, Makati FC CEO.

    The program aims to deliver the promise of Makati FC‘s wholistic approach in teaching that optimizes the overall growth and development of its youth athletes and boost overall confidence.

    The core of the program covers football skills through target-based, specific online drills and puts emphasis on body strength and conditioning as well as lectures and open discussions with players and coaches.

    “The MFC training is awesome and the coaches are super cool,” said Duke Punzalan after the online workout.

    With 44 years of experience in training and developing young players, Makati FC has finally reached a very important milestone in taking its football academy online, which other sporting clubs have also adopted.

    “Thank you MFC for making this happen and for giving our boys the opportunity to continuously do what they love,” said Denmark Punzalan, Duke’s father.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Makati FC canceled its trainings since March 13 to ensure safety of athletes, coaches, parents and staff.

    For more details visit Makati FC’s Facebook page and Instagram account. @MakatiFC.