Juico: We will have rules, follow norms


    IN the event he is elected as first vice president in the Nov. 27 POC polls, athletics chief Philip Ella Juico has vowed to restore “katinuan (sense) and decency” in the Philippine Olympic Committee leadership.

    “First, I will back ‘katinuan” and decency here. We will have rules, we will follow the rules, there are norms, we will follow the norms,” Juico said yesterday during the Philippine Sportswriters Association online forum.

    He is in the slate of archery head Atty. Clint Aranas, who is challenging incumbent POC president Rep. Bambol Tolentino.

    Juico, a former Philippine Sports Commission chairman, out three things he intends to do if he and Aranas are elected.

    “In the first 25 days under the Aranas administration we will finish a strategic plan. We need a road where we are going,” Juico said. “We need to prioritize our programs and policies so that they can be properly made and present them to authentic sponsors.

    “We will assist NSAs in coming up with their plans and programs so that they will be less dependent and financially vulnerable.”

    He cited the fact that the PSC has come out openly that its present resources are limited so

    NSAs “have to be more creative and innovative.”

    Since sports officials need to take care of their respective stakeholders, Juico stressed that leaders like him “need to be more compassionate and put ourselves in the other’s shoes.

    With his extensive background and experience both in the private and government sector, he said that he and the team of Aranas, a tax and corporate lawyer, would be able to put the POC financial house in order “because I understand we still have no financial statements from 2018.