Geisler takes grievance to court


    STILL feeling aggrieved, Sydney Olympic Games veteran Donnie Geisler is set to file a criminal case today before the Paranaque Prosecutor’s Office against a Philippine Taekwondo Association official who alleged that Geisler misled two national athletes in taking part in his online training session without the PTA’s permission.

    “Hello Friends from Press and Media. We are filing another criminal case against an official of PTA on Friday, 9:30 a.m. in the Prosecutor’s Office, Paranaque City Hall,” Geisler said in a message to some media members.

    “Hope you can be there and please don’t announce yet. Thank you for the support,” he added.

    Geisler, the country’s flag-bearer in the Sydney Olympics, did not specify the identity of the PSA official he was suing.

    However, PTA secretary general Rocky Samson and national coach Dindo Simpao have been quoted in news reports that national athletes and Olympic aspirants Arven Alcantara and Samuel Morrison were misled by Geisler to take part in an online taekwondo seminar without the PTA’s sanction.

    They said that Geisler violated PTA protocols regarding the public appearances of national athletes, who need to clear it with the local taekwondo body before doing so.

    Filled with regret, Morrison, a three-time Southeast Asian Games gold medalist, and Alcantara, who bagged a silver medal in the 30th SEA Games, submitted their courtesy resignations together with Simpao, who cited “command responsibility.”

    South Korean PTA vice president and chief operating officer Hong Sung Chon, who formed the National Sports Association together with PTA president Robert Aventajado more than 40 years ago, pardoned all three last June 18 after learning of the circumstances behind the infraction.

    Olympic hopeful Pauline Louise Lopez, who also won a gold medal in the 30th SEA Games, declined Geisler’s invitation to attend his workshop, taking her cue from the fate suffered by her national teammates.

    Geisler, who won a silver medal in the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games, had earlier filed a case against the PTA before the Philippine Competitions Commission, a quasi-judicial body, claiming that he was being “singled out” by the association.

    “My heart is bleeding as well and I deeply apologize to all my students and their parents for this unfortunate situation,” Geisler said on social media.

    “I will do my best to stop this (sic) dirty tactics aimed to bring me down. It’s high time that we stop these harassment and injustice!” added the older brother of movie and TV “bad boy” Baron Geisler.