Floyd infuritates netizens with lockdown breach

    FLOYD Mayweather has been linked to another return to the boxing ring and did little to quell the reports by apparaently going on a sparring session just last Saturday (Sunday in Manila).
    But not before flouting some safety rules amid the coronavirus pandemic that drew him mostly criticisms from netizens.
    According to an article published in the dailymail.co.uk website, Mayweather ignored lockdown rules to train and spar with members of his team at his boxing gym in Las Vegas.
    In a 26-second video he posted on Instagram, the 43-year-old  would be seen getting ready to enter the ring, being helped by several members of his team.
    The clip sees a man wearing a face mask but no gloves as he applies Vaseline to the retired boxer’s face, still recognizable despite the full head gear, before another helps him strap on his gloves.
    However, rather than be excited by the sight of the 50-0 fighter back in his boxing attire, many fans were left unimpressed with Las Vegas under stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus.
    Former British super lightweight champion Ashley Theophane shared the video to his Twitter page and the replies mainly centered around Mayweather’s apparent disregard for the pandemic.
    ‘Nice social distancing,’ wrote one as another questioned why everyone has to stay at home away from non-essential work apart from him.
    Another simply wrote ‘guy wearing a face mask but applying Vaseline with no gloves on’, accompanied by a laughter emoticon.
    “Great example to show the general public, Floyd!! You should be staying at your home and not preparing to fight. Stop thinking you’re better than everyone else and obey the rules!!” commented another.
    To date, Nevada has recorded 206 deaths due to Covid-19 and over 4,000 confirmed cases, according to the same article.
    The United States has been worst hit by the virus with over 50,000 fatalities and nearly one million cases to date.
    Mayweather retired for the third time in 2018 and last fought in a three-round exhibition match with Tenshin Nakusawa in Dec. 31 of that year, winning the bout via a first-round stoppage.
    However, talks are rife Mayweather is eyeing another comeback with one report citing Mayweather’s financial conditions.
    “Has ‘Money’ gone broke?” read an article posted last Friday on FOX Sports, referring to the moniker used by the man who was reportedly worth more than $500M.


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