‘COVID impact absorbed by coaches’


    SOME were spared, some were not.

    Nearly a year after sports stood still, the financial repercussions of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic have taken their toll on teams.

    “For collegiate programs that are still alive, there should not be much financial problems since there is no operation anyway, no training or tournaments,” a collegiate league insider said.

    “There are several schools, however, that temporarily put their sports programs on hold, including overall funding.”

    Last year, Technological Institute of the Philippines disbanded all its varsity teams, while Perpetual Help’s athletics program was reportedly deactivated.

    College of St. Benilde also laid off the coaches and staff of its squads.

    Coaches, staff, and the players bore the brunt of the pandemic, according to the insider.

    “The impact was absorbed by the coaches and staff because they either lost their salaries, or had their salaries greatly reduced,” the insider said.