Bata Reyes says sorry


    BILLIARDS legend Efren “Bata” Reyes last Tuesday afternoon sent a letter of apology to Games and Amusements Board chairman Baham Mitra for appearing in an “unauthorized” exhibition match over the weekend in San Pedro, Laguna.

    Reyes, 66, was detained by local authorities last March 11 after several members of the gallery were caught violating health and safety protocols in the area where he was playing once they got wind of his presence.

    Reyes told Mitra that “I am deeply sorry for what happened.  I don’t have control over the situation and the people around the vicinity. I am myself was well aware of the safety protocols so that I will not acquire this virus and I am praying and hoping for everyone’s safety.”

    “Before agreeing to the person who invited me, I informed them to ask permission from the local government so that there will be no problem upon my arrival,” Reyes wrote. “At first, everything was smooth and only a few people were there.

    “Since they heard the news of the visiting (sic), the neighborhood was excited to see me in person that’s why safety protocols were not followed.”