Badminton body comes up with new sports


    A NEW variant of badminton is set to hit the country.

    With the Badminton World Federation developing a new sport called Air Badminton, the Philippine Badminton Association intends to promote this the far reaches of the country in the next few months.

    Compared to indoor badminton, air badminton can be played on any surface – and, grass, or cement.

    “Air Badminton is the newest game in badminton. It’s our outdoor game. Mainly, the purpose of this is to make badminton accessible to everyone. Some say badminton is an outdoor sport turned indoor but that is not the case,” said Badminton Asia’s Regional Development Officer for South East Asia Ian Piencenaves.

    “If basketball has 3×3 and volleyball has beach volleyball, this is badminton’s answer to it,” added PBA secretary-general Christopher Quimpo.

    Air badminton will utilize the air shuttle that was launched last year by the BWF. Unlike its feathered counterpart, this is made of plastic and weighs three grams heavier than the regular shuttle, weighing at eight grams.