Aranas vies for POC top post vs Tolentino


    ARCHERY chief Clint Aranas is aspiring to be an “ambassador” and, on behalf of National Sports Association, woo corporate sponsors to fund their programs and athletes in the event he is elected as the next Philippine Olympic Committee president.

    “As a tax and corporate lawyer, my role as an ambassador is to use our network of friends so they can fund the programs and athletes of our fellow NSAs,” Aranas said yesterday, a day after announcing his candidacy for the POC top post in polls scheduled on Nov. 27.

    The former Government Surety and Insurance president and chief executive officer will be up against incumbent POC president Rep. Bambol Tolentino, who is running for reelection.
    Aranas credited the moves of Tolentino under his present leadership but noted “there is still room for improvement.”

    “We ourselves will come with the presentation and present these to the potential corporations and companies we are eyeing,” said Aranas, 55, stressing the funds raised will go directly to the intended NSAs. “These monies will go directly to them and for the development of their sport and not to the POC.”

    Currently a POC Executive Board member, Aranas said his plan is to have a “cluster” of NSAs that companies could fund so that even the unpopular ones would not be left out.

    “What we have in mind is to group one popular sport, say basketball, with the less known ones so that everyone will have a share of the pie. There will be equity for all our NSA members. Nobody will be left out,” the World Archery Philippines president said.

    He is banking for private sponsors to nurture the growth of their assigned sports and hopes to engage leagues such as the UAAP and the NCAA in recruiting their athletic standouts as scholar-athletes for their respective schools in the long run.

    In the wake of the financial hardship experienced by the Philippine Sports Commission, which has been the main source of financial support of the NSAs for nearly three decades, Aranas said his ultimate goal for all NSAS is “to be self-reliant and self-sustaining.

    “Should I get elected, I will pour my heart and soul in this mission then step back once the job is done. I don’t need the limelight and grab credit for anything.”

    He assured his colleagues from other NSAs that “all the funds raised will go directly to their programs and athletes, similar to what we have done with the WAP. Our WAP officials can vouch for our integrity in the way we handled our funds and everything.”

    Given these initiatives, Aranas said that what he was offering “are not quick-fixes or temporary solutions but actions that will address the long-term challenges of NSAs (in sourcing funds).”

    For those who prodded him to run for the POC top post, Aranas stressed “this is what I am.

    They should know what they are getting. While I do not have messianic complex we want things done in the right and proper manner, being the POC ambassador as president.

    “It’s all about good governance and transparency.”