ABAP monitors health situation in Wuhan


    THE Association of Boxing Alliances in the Philippines is closely monitoring the situation in Wuhan, China following an outbreak of pneumonia just weeks ahead of the Asia and

    Oceania boxing qualifier for this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

    Ed Picson, secretary-general of ABAP, said officials from the host city and the participating countries are keeping their fingers crossed before the event is held Feb. 3 to 14.

    Picson told the PSA Forum at Amelie Hotel Manila that apprehensions remain despite a letter they received yesterday from the International Olympic Committee Boxing Task Force yesterday, saying “no travel restrictions and extra measures are needed.”

    Picson said a couple of countries have expressed willingness to take over the hosting of the Olympic qualifier, including Thailand and even the Philippines, which recently hosted the 30th Southeast Asian Games.

    Picson said the Asia and Oceania qualifiers is the best way for Filipino boxers to qualify for this year’s Olympics because of the number of slots being offered. In the men’s 52 kg, 57 kg and 63 kg and women’s 51 kg, six slots are at stake, including the four semifinalists and the two boxers that will lose to the eventual gold and silver medalists.

    Picson said ABAP would field as many as eight boxers to the Asia and Oceania qualifiers, including five male and three female boxers, most of them gold medal winners in the recent SEA Games.