Yulon Finance donates N95 face masks


    RESPONDING to somewhat alleviate the difficulties of the lives of the some of the residents affected by eruption of the Taal Volcano, Yulon Finance Philippines (YFP), a partner to many car dealerships in the region, quickly responded with a donation of 2,500 pieces of medical grade N95 facemasks. These medical devices are good to use even in the face of the Coronavirus public health hazard.

    Taal Volcano erupted early on January 12 and quickly blanketed towns in Batangas, Cavite and Laguna where many dealer-partners of YFP are located.

    N95 face masks were in short supply immediately after the eruption and officers of the financing company responded with a rapid importation from Taiwan. A few days after the eruption, the company through its customer service management department, YFP contacted over 350 customers residing in, near to, or around the areas that were seriously affected by the ashfall.

    Through their registered contact numbers, YFP customer relations executives informed customers the availability of the N95 masks either from a dealer nearest to them or from the dealer where they purchased their car.

    Customers could then claim, without charge, four N95 facemasks by showing YFP’s text message.

    YFP also provided masks to employees of the Lica Auto Group, one of the country’s biggest automotive dealerships.

    “It is inspiring that although these dealers have been affected by Taal Volcano eruption and are still under great threat, all their employees still execute their duties, and do not refrain from serving their customers. We provided these masks so that they can continually provide the best customer experience free from worries. And they are good to go, even against the coronavirus,” says Chock Camacho, vice president, head of the Sales Division, YFP.

    “We firmly believe that affected residents will get through this via the innate strength of the Filipinos and the nationwide spirit of “bayanihan,” Steven Hu, CEO of Yulon Finance Philippines shared.