Where value is more than the price tag


    WHILE standing out has become a recurring theme for the past few decades, it really is difficult to do so—on a physical aspect—without spending incredible amounts of money.

    Take mobile phones for example. These lifestyle-defining gadgets could shave off a noticeable amount on your bank account especially if you’re looking for a phone with a long-lasting battery, a decent set (yes, multiple ones) of cameras, and stunning colorways.

    With the Vivo Y15 however, you’ll get all these seemingly-expensive features whilst simply skimming off the top of your money stacks.

    The leading smartphone brand has always put an emphasis in camera development for its phones and the Y15, while cheap, is no different. The Y15 allows users to take stunning, and not to mention, stylish photos with its AI triple rear camera set consisting of 13MP main, 8MP ultra-wide, and 2MP depth lenses. Users can also stand out and attempt to create the latest viral video with the AI triple camera’s ability to shoot high quality 1080 pixel videos at 30 frames per second.

    As if conceptualizing your new post (looking for pegs, editing, and scrolling) isn’t enough of a headache already, having a difficult time operating your devices can cause your head to throb. Luckily the Vivo Y15 offers a 4GB RAM with 64GB ROM, enough to cater to your multitasking demands minus any hassle.

    Lifestyle patterns in the past few years have indicated that making the most out of one’s day is now a must in this day and age. With the Vivo Y15’s 5000mAh battery, maximizing every minute and every second of every day all while documenting it won’t be a problem.

    Users can snap pictures, browse through their social media feeds, and focus on their daily itinerary without worrying about charging for the rest of the day.