Turning to digitalization for better client engagement


    Recognizing the difficulties its clients could be having in these dark times, Sun Life Philippines’ has stayed connected with them by fast-tracking digital transformation to sustain the engagement.

    Benedict Sison, Sun Life chief executive officer and country head, said the insurance company has an established and robust global business continuity program in place to ensure that operations will not be affected in case of a disruption such as the ongoing pandemic.

    “This plan is regularly revisited and strengthened in collaboration with our corporate office in Canada,” Sison added.

    “Our business continuity plan had been very helpful in setting pre-programmed decisions and roles with objective awareness and deliberateness, which you seldom get to enjoy when the crisis has set in.”

    Digitalization was just an option before the pandemic, said Sison. Then it became the only option that has been key to sustaining the business in such challenging times.

    Building the capabilities to deliver all these internally can be very expensive, even impractical, he said. “We need to acquire or borrow these capabilities through strategic partners, and we envision partnerships to be a source of differentiation for Sun Life.”

    He pointed the importance of keeping a close eye on clients’ changing needs and behavior, to anticipate these needs like financial advice.

    Following the lockdown, more Filipinos now use mobile and online services for shopping, banking, and more. In fact, over 70 percent of their trained-advisors were using the digital platforms to connect with their clients and serve their needs.

    He said this newfound way of doing things has brought about an increase in consumers’ expectation for insurance companies to deliver comparable digital servicing capabilities, and Sun Life is determined to rise to the challenge.

    He added they will continue investing in technology and transformation efforts for continued engagement with clients through digitally-enabled selling and servicing capabilities.

    Clients will remain Sun Life’s priority in a post-pandemic world. And with the pandemic increasing public awareness on the value of having health and/or life insurance, “we aim to create more product solutions that will help them address this need,” he added.

    Sun Life expects more Filipinos adapting to digital after experiencing the convenience that comes with it, and it will likewise aim to offer them the best experience possible in this platform.