Traveling with care: What it means to properties in tourism sites

    New norm. Booking ahead for accommodation, private transportation as well as activities will allow for a safe and enjoyable trip.

    A property developer said the reopening of tourism will be critical in helping the country’s economy recover from the setbacks caused by the new coronavirus disease 2019.

    More importantly, CitiGlobal Realty and Development Inc. said this opens up opportunities for properties to showcase their offerings while complying with the health and safety protocols and travel regulations set by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

    One of the most accessible tourism sites from Metro Manila, Tagaytay City, for instance, finally reopened its borders to all visitors.

    Non-residents are required to secure a travel pass to present to authorities before entering the city.

    Establishments must still follow safety and hygiene guidelines while the maximum occupancy of DOT-accredited hotels is only 50 percent. Only one person is allowed per hotel room at a time.

    “We always believed that appreciating the beautiful islands and other locations that our country has to offer will bless us more than we think. The tourism industry has helped the country flourish, and it will do the same in this time of crisis,” said Gary To, managing director of CitiGlobal.

    To said when travelling, visitors need to always study the locations they intend to visit since some cities only entertain local residents while some accommodate neighboring municipalities. Depending on the quarantine guidelines and local safety measurements, travel will remain limited to some areas.

    Travellers also need to take note of the requirements needed around the area where they plan to travel.

    To said Tagaytay for example requires non-residents to have a travel pass before entering the city.

    Regardless of which community quarantine guidelines the city is under, authorities will always impose mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields, and physical distancing regulations in public to refrain the further spreading of the virus.

    When planning for a trip during these difficult times, To said this is one old practice will remain helpful even in the “new normal” –advance booking.

    Booking should be made for a hotel or accommodation and if possible private transportation as well as activities for a safe and enjoyable trip.