TransPhil focuses on high-end homes


    TransPhil Real Estate has lined up eight projects for this year alone with three already in the works: Rosevale Estates, Buenconsejo, and The Bedford, located in Paco, Manila, Mandaluyong City, and Quezon City, respectively.

    Each property is strategically located in the busiest cities with nearby access roads, commercial establishments, hospitals, schools, churches, and a  10 to 15-minute drive to the nearest central business district.

    Each unit  in these projects has a floor area ranging from 155 to 381 square meters, depending on the type of development.

    “We have high-end and luxury properties,” adds Rafael. “The kind of development and corresponding property specifications depend on the neighborhood, our nearby competitors, and most especially the location.”

    TransPhil Real Estate units have three to four bedrooms with four to five bathrooms, walk-in closets, balcony, living room, dining area, powder room, help’s room, service area, driver’s quarters, and a two to three-car garage, among other amenities.

    “As a boutique developer, we take these small pockets of land and turn it into a space they can own and call home. Each unit comes at a comparably better cost than that of a condo or house and lot, but with the same or even more benefits,” said Rafael  Garcia, vice president of TransPhil Real Estate.

    TransPhil Real Estate has its roots in TransPhil Land Corp.and brings along the company’s years of experience and expertise in construction and property development.

    “We’ve been around for over 45 years already,” said Ramon Garcia III, chief executive officer and president of TransPhil Real Estate. “We’re evolving into a brand that merges fresh designs and practical concepts with long-established expertise.”

    Over the course of its existence, the company has worked with European contractors in the Middle East and focused its efforts on good design and quality.