Transfast, Pera Hub partnership expands payout network


    Transfast, a Mastercard company and a leading cross-border payments service provider, announced the partnership with Pera Hub, one of the most reputed financial service providers in the Philippines, to enable people around the world to send money to the country with greater ease and certainty.

    This partnership further strengthens Transfast’s network in the Philippines, with Transfast now offering over 23,000 payout locations nationwide.

    This also provides Filipinos an option to receive money from any of Pera Hub’s 600 participating locations across the country.

    “Transfast is fully committed to offering competitive pricing, fast transfer of funds, and personalized customer engagement. With this strategic partnership with Pera Hub, Transfast can enable a better, more reliable and accessible way for people to receive money in the Philippines, and ensure the seamless movement of money across the globe,” said Samir Vidhate, SVP of Transfast.