Toyota Japan releases statement on COVID-19 infection at Toyota work site in Japan


    After learning on March 19 that Employee A could be positive for COVID-19, Toyota ordered 11 individuals who had previously been in close contact with him to stay home. This included Employee B. In addition, because Employee B had developed a fever, on March 20 the company ordered 5 more individuals to stay home as a precautionary measure.

    As Toyota has now confirmed this secondary infection within the same workplace, the factory has ordered 17 more team members to stay home bringing to a total of 33, team members have now been asked to stay home.

    The Takaoka Plant immediately and thoroughly disinfected the affected work sites on March 19 when the initial infection was suspected. However, following this new confirmed infection the company will close the building in which the two employees worked for 3 working days, from March 23 to 25, to disinfect the workplace completely and consider any additional countermeasures that may be needed to prevent further spread of the virus.

    As a result of this shut down, Takaoka plant production line #1 will temporarily halt production for the same period.

    The company in a statement said: “we sincerely apologize for any anxiety or concern that this news may cause for people in the surrounding regions. We will do our best to will implement measures to prevent further spread of the virus and provide timely updates if the situation changes.”


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