TESLA SMART SUMMON: Are valet parkers worried?


    AN email I received reminded me of the Tesla EV test drive where I mentioned the self driving “Summons” feature I included in a story made over a year ago. Here is a video to show how it works.


    The email was a follow up on my “interest” to purchase a Model 3 as there was in the Tesla inventory, and available in Hong Kong, three Model Xs and three Model 3s. Of course, I have the desire to buy one but none of the resources to do so.

    Landed cost for the including taxes for the HK purchased models would have reached P5.7M, the car alone about P4M. Then there is the matter of charging, which Tesla also has the solution: Tesla Solar for homes. The complete system including panels, power controllers, and battery back-ups can charge any Tesla, power homes, and even send back electricity to the grid.

    This self-fetching feature is currently a Tesla exclusive but the technology is also present and can be activated or installed via software and an appropriate number of sensors.  in

    For now, valet parkers need not be worried. The Tesla still lacks the very human ability to hunt for and capture an open parking slot on a weekend in a mall. Given the restrictions of quarantine and the slow down of business in many places where a crowd of people and a bevy of vehicles is usually found did not affect the sport of parking.

    Self-parking, automated cruise control were once the realm of the “intelligent” car. Does self-fetching abilities make it a genius?

    The feature will definitely require legislation to be completely legal in many countries. In the Philippines do you think this will work?


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