New vivo X50 and TWS earphones; XDE and Globe solutions; Brunei’s biggest telco taps MutliSys;


    Master the art of clarity with the new vivo X50 and TWS earphones

    In these uncharted and uncertain, yet fast-paced times, vivo, the leading global technology company, is set to release three new products that are sure to help young professionals master the art of clarity and navigate their day-to-day responsibilities all while matching any and every style.

    With the new vivo X50 and X50 Pro and its unique camera innovation which allows users to capture perfect photos despite continuous movement, the latest additions to the X-series will be the perfect phone for young professionals who are always on-the move.

    The X50 and X50 Pro is also the premier phone for young visionaries who work at any time of the day with its extreme zoom capability and super night mode.

    vivo will also be releasing their True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones which produces the clearest and most crisp sound quality with utmost convenience, perfect for the demanding and busy lifestyle in the new normal.

    Along with mastering the art of clarity, for its latest campaign, vivo will attempt to define what it means to be mobile these days by revealing an exciting partnership which will put their latest innovations to the test and prove that the X50, X50 Pro, and the TWS earphones are the best tools for today’s times.

    XDE Logistics modernizes operations with Globe Business ICT Solutions

    As the country’s economy slowly reopens, most businesses are still required to comply with safety standards, observe social distancing, and conduct rapid testing for employees to keep facilities COVID-free. Around the world, the majority of companies are diversifying their business models to accommodate shifts in consumer behavior and the increase in online transactions.

    To help meet the growing demand for localized sourcing and distribution services, Globe Business teamed up with XDE Logistics—formerly known as Ximex Delivery Express Inc., to support its digital transformation through various ICT solutions.

    The enterprise arm of Globe provided the business with postpaid lines and G Suite licenses to streamline communications and enable real-time coordination among XDE Logistics’ employees. Aside from these, Globe supplied XDE Logistics with SMS credits to complement its application programming interface platform, so they can send text updates to customers.

    “Logistics companies play a valuable role in keeping supply chains and the economy going throughout this pandemic. They provide access to essential goods—bridging the gap between local manufacturers, sellers, and customers. Their services make it easier for people to remain indoors, hence decrease the risk of contracting the virus,” shared Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. “We understand how significant the industry is to everyone. We’re glad that XDE Logistics trusted us to help them with their digital transformation, in line with their goal of providing outstanding services that Filipinos deserve.”

    XDE Logistics continues to scale up its operations in over 40 strategic branches across the Philippines. To enable this expansion, Globe Business provided Direct Internet Access and Business WiFi for stable and reliable connections in its critical sites, as well as equipped XDE Logistics with Check Point cybersecurity to protect customer data that goes through its systems up to devices used in the cargos and by freight handlers.

    “The boom of the e-commerce industry has a domino effect on logistics businesses. Initially, some of our main hubs were not fully equipped to handle the sudden increase in demand for our services. We realized that we needed to upgrade our internet, leverage on productivity and communication tools for faster process fulfillment, and fortify our cybersecurity to ensure that information shared by our e-commerce partners remains safe,” shared Jun Mercader, Digital Transformation Senior Consultant of XDE Logistics. “Globe Business was a great support in empowering us to modernize our IT infrastructure from the ground up so that we can continue to provide streamlined services for our local and global customers.”

    XDE Logistics, which started out as a local produce shipping business in Cagayan de Oro, has expanded into a global brand that pairs streamlined logistics with in-house developed applications. The company is set on its vision to support the growth of businesses by making supply chains seamless through digitally-enabled services.

    In the same way, Globe Business assists companies in maximizing ICT solutions to drive digital transformation in the Philippines. Globe believes that as more businesses set their digital initiatives in motion, more Filipinos can gain access to essential services—providing them with choices, solutions to challenges, and ways to find delight in life.

    Brunei’s largest telco company DST taps MultiSys as technology arm

    The leading local IT solutions company expands reach in Southeast Asia to support more companies towards digital transformation

    In the virtual signing between DST and MultiSys: (from top left) Radin Sufri Radin Basiuni, CEO of DST; Freddie Ting Lik Wei, AVP of Digital Business, DST; Guest of Honour, Yang Mulia Haji Sofian bin Haji Mohammad Jani, the Chairman of DST; (from bottom left) Jovy Hernandez, President & CEO of ePLDT, Inc.; and David Almirol Jr., CEO & President of MultiSys

    DATAS Digital Sdn Bhd (DST), the largest telecommunication company in Brunei has partnered with leading Filipino software solutions provider Multisys Technologies Corporation (MultiSys) as both expand market reach to the ASEAN region.

    Leveraging on each party’s strengths in telecommunications technology and software engineering solutions, both DST and MultiSys recognize the need to collaborate together to deliver better access and smoother user experience across any environment—bringing opportunities to develop and tap overseas markets with innovative solutions

    MultiSys Founder and CEO David Almirol, Jr. shared, “We are committed to our mission to empower businesses in the Philippines and around the globe. Our goal to champion Filipino tech ingenuity has driven us to forge and strengthen partnerships with various companies in Southeast Asia. We hope that our collaboration with DST will not only showcase the expertise of our local IT talents but also enable us to serve more enterprises of different sizes in the world to support their digital transformation journey and adapt to the changing needs of their stakeholders.”

    On top of its regional expansion, MultiSys will strengthen the Brunei telco firm’s systems and internal business operations in order to boost its efficiency and productivity. Through the partnership with MultiSys, DST will be able to expand its capabilities and offer added services to its subscribers.

    “More than this monumental expansion for both MultiSys and DST, we aim to continuously upgrade our systems and digitize our operations in our commitment to better serve our customers. Considered as the most important and leading Filipino software solutions company, we have no doubt that MultiSys will enable us to better service our subscribers and develop e-commerce and e-business further in Brunei,” DST CEO Radin Sufri Radin Basiuni shared.

    MultiSys’ continuous regional expansion is a testimony to its deep bench of talent and expertise that leads the way in helping Southeast Asian firms realize and kickstart their digital transformation. It is this same vision to help the region advance through its digital journey that has led MultiSys to ink partnerships with large conglomerates in the region.

    “We would like to express a warm message of admiration and congratulations to Multisys for yet another milestone. This partnership with DST does not only highlight the capabilities of the PLDT group, it also brings Philippine technology to a global platform—allowing us to show how our services are truly world-class. We thank DST for their trust and we are confident that this partnership will further strengthen the country’s relationship with Brunei. Likewise, we at ePLDT underline our support for both entities and wish them continued success,” said ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups Jovy Hernandez.

    AXA capitalizes on tech to help customers achieve their goals

    As the country adapts to the new normal, AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance providers, has embedded tech processes for their new product, Goal Getter, to provide convenience in achieving one’s goals amid the COVID-19 health crisis and community quarantine.

    “Technology has helped individuals and businesses alike as the country adapts to the new normal. At AXA Philippines, we continue to shift our efforts and services to a modern platform so people can still build financial plans and secure their future even as we face uncertainties due to the current pandemic,” said AXA Philippines president and CEO Rahul Hora.

    Goal Getter is an investment and life insurance plan that helps you build your funds so you can achieve financial independence and realize your goals, whether it’s starting a small business, getting a car or condominium, or pursuing a post-graduate degree. It is readily available online so no need to meet with an agent. You can get started right in the comfort and safety of your own home and be on your way to achieving your goals in three easy steps.

    Through Goal Getter’s online service, you can personalize your investment, enter your information, and pay. You can start with an initial payment of as low as Php10,000 and keep adding to it with as little as Php5,000 monthly top-ups.

    Customers can choose to invest in either the Philippine Wealth Bond Fund or Chinese Tycoon Fund depending on their risk appetite. Goal Getter allows policyholders the freedom to choose how much and how long they want to build their savings fund for their specific life goals.

    Since AXA Philippines is committed to provide the best protection for its customers and their families, Goal Getter also comes with life insurance coverage. The policyholder’s beneficiaries may receive 125 percent of the total premiums paid or the actual account value, whichever is higher.

    After months of staying at home, perhaps it is time for you to get back on track of achieving your goals and all it takes is a few clicks.

    To learn more about AXA Goal Getter, visit


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