Suzuki reveals new scooter line up, sporty bikes coming soon

    “NOT a good time to launch new vehicles, especially motorcycles,” commented a netizen about Suzuki Motorcycles Philippines launch late last month of its newest line up of motorcycles.Suzuki however, does not believe this to be true. According to Suzuki though the pandemic is very restrictive, it has also proven how useful motorcycles are. It has become the backbone of the economy during the lockdown, used for deliveries and personal transportation by medical frontliners as a well as service vehicles for law enforcers.Suzuki goes forward from this crisis by helping people progress with their lives through the launch of its 2020-2021 new motorcycles. Acknowledging the Filipinos interest in the scooter category – it launched 2 news scooters, as well as two new sporty bikes.”Riders are also looking for higher cc models and thus, the brand will be releasing 2 backbone models. All these are economical, efficient, good-looking and practical that will definitely get the Filipinos ahead of the challenges and live better in the new normal because now it is not only the time to move but the time to Ride Ahead!” says Suzuki’s official statement at the virtual launch of these new machines.

    Two totally new scooters, the Burgman 125 and the Crossover are already available in the market while the 2 sporty bikes were introduced which will be available by December 2020.

    The Burgman Street

    “It is the time to make the wise choice, amid all the challenges, we need a maxi ride that performs and delivers at an affordable price. Ride ahead with the maxi scooter you can afford – the Burgman Street!” exclaims the press statement for the new scooter.

    Burgman is a name well known and associated to Suzuki. Suzuki practically owns that segment because in 1990, at the release of the Suzuki AN400, the brand began the maxo-scooter category. It was the first really large displacement scooter–the single cylinder 400 cc engine, tilted to almost 45 degrees was modified to accommodate a centrifugal clutch and was similar to the DR engine. It was designed initially for the Japan domestic market.

    One cannot argue that this is the first real maxi-scooter (known in the US and UK markets initially as the luxury scooter.) It was only in 2001 that Honda followed with the Silver Wing 600 and Yamaha with the Tmax 500. Before the Burgman gained its notoriety as the “Harley of scooters,” there was the 250cc Honda Helix and many European brands like Vespa and Piaggio with engine sizes up to the same displacement.

    The first generation of the Burgman 400 was introduced to the USA in 2003. It was well-loved for its size and ease of use.

    The Burgman is a premium and well-designed maxi-scooter. Suzuki says that it has “the perfect blend of sophistication, comfort and practicality giving you a smart and luxurious ride from the lineage of the globally known Burgman defining urban smart riding, the Burgman Street runs is equipped with advanced technology giving you a safe and comfortable ride on a premium designed body.”

    Engine tech, compact with big potential. The Burgman Street is powered by an all-aluminum, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, 125cc fuel- injected Suzuki Eco Performance engine making it powerful and fuel-efficient generating 53.50km/L fuel efficiency using testing results from the World Motorcycle Test Cycle). It boasts of a combined brake system providing superior running performance and control.

    It sports a full digital instrument panel with a Digital Clock providing real time information adding convenience to your daily ride, a Fuel Gauge showing accurate fuel status so you can plan your trips accordingly, an Oil Change Indicator reminding the rider to change the engine oil at the preset kilometre and Dual Trip Meter which easily keeps track of the distance between trips and measures the fuel-efficiency. It also comes with a 2L Lidded Front Glove Box with Optional USB Charger for convenience wherever you go.

    The Burgman Street has an Integrated Engine Start and Kill Switch allowing for a single push starter switch to fire up the engine and turn it off easily and a One Push Central Locking for safety.

    Premium Design. The Burgman practically shares its lines with its higher displacement brothers. The design is more luxurious that sporty. It has an LED Headlight, Position Lamp and Tail Lamp that enhance rider visibility at night. Its Body Mounted Windscreen is inspired from European maxi-scooters which helps reduce wind drag improving aerodynamics. It features an upward muffler design that enhances its sporty and premium look. The chrome accent body parts made Burgman Street more elegant.

    Safe and Comfortable. The Burgman Street has 21L Underseat Compartment that is spacious enough for personal belongings. It has an Elevated Seat that promoting ease for long rides and a comfortable Floorboard for a more flexible foot position. It also has Dual Utility Hooks for added convenience.

    The Burgman Street comes in two elegant colors – the Metallic Matte Fibroin Gray and Glass Sparkle Black and is priced handsomely at Php 76,900 available in stores this November.

    Ride ahead in smart luxury with the Maxi Scooter Your Can Afford – The Burgman Street!

    The Skydrive Crossover

    Suzuki is sort of esoteric when it talks about the Skydrive Crossover, a particularly strange set-up, with a motard like feel and the conveniences of an underbone.

    “It is time to go beyond the trend to tackle different roads with a flexible and reliable ride. A first of its kind in the Philippine market – a scooter for your easy adventure offering a versatile, stylish, economical, convenient, sporty and durable riding companion to the students and young professional riders -Go Beyond the Trend with the Skydrive Crossover!” Suzuki says.

    The Suzuki Skydrive Crossover is equipped with a 113cc engine carrying the brand’s signature Suzuki Eco Performance Fuel Injection technology to deliver maximum power at optimum fuel-efficiency. This scooter is also stylish with features that are very edgy and nimble. The decals represent a more aggressive, sporty, and adventurous impression. It has a Full Digital Instrument Panel for easy handling without compromising the visibility of information with a trip-meter, digital clock, speedometer and battery voltage indicator for convenience. To complete the overall sporty look, the Suzuki Skydrive Crossover has a colored brake caliper and suspension.

    It offers a versatile ride that is safe and comfortable to take you on different roads with features that are first in the Philippine scooter category. It has semi-block tires that deliver great performance on both paved and unpaved roads. It also boasts of a sport touring handle bar for easy and relaxed riding position. To make it more user-friendly and comfortable for riders, the Suzuki Skydrive Crossover has a large floorboard, low seat height (740mm) with high ground clearance (150mm) with a front disc brake for better stopping power.

    Two more bikes are set to find their way to Suzuki showrooms. These are the Gixxer (the acronym of the initials GSX) Gixxer 250 which is a naked bike and the Gixxer SF250 that sports a racing fairing setup. These will be released in December 2020.


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