Suzuki releases ECSTAR lubricants


    SUZUKI Philippines launched over the weekend its ECSTAR lubricant series.

    ECSTAR’s specific and genuine formulation of lubricants for Suzuki engines is said to enhance the already high performance and meets the severest fuel economy standards. According to the discussions by various experts at the launch is also has the capability to clean engines extend the engine life.

    During the launch the main benefits of using ECSTAR lubricants for Suzuki vehicles are:

    1. Fuel savings – the formulation meets and highest fuel economy standards for Suzuki engines. With that, owners can expect improvements in fuel consumption of up to 5 percent.
    2. Outstanding engine protection – the innovative lubrication technology achieves thermal stability, delivering the ultimate engine protection even during cold start-ups.
    3. Clean engine for longer life – the formulation extends engine life by preventing sludge and deposit build-up.

    The innovative lubricating technology achieves thermal stability, which delivers the ultimate engine protection even when starting the engine in cold climates. This same technology allows the oils to be specific in use and ECSTAR has been designed for Suzuki automobile, motorcycle, and marine outboard engines.

    For automobiles, two variants are available: the F7000 5W-30 semi-synthetic engine oil and the F9000 0W-20 fully-synthetic engine oil. Currently, the Ecstar F9000 is available at all authorized Suzuki dealerships with a price of P570 per liter (it comes only in 1-liter bottles), with the Ecstar F7000 coming soon. These superb oils can also be used in non-Suzuki vehicles.

    A set of different of formulations was made specifically for the high-revving, high-heat conditions that affect motorcycles. The R9000 10W-40 4T MA2 (990PH-21010-001) is perfect for Suzuki’s big bikes, but can also be used underbone bikes and 4-stroke applications, and is priced at P550 per 1-liter bottle.

    This oil is also interestingly, the race-spec lubricants used in Suzuki racing motorcycles. The R5000 4T 10W-40 MA (990PH-21DB0L0MA) is a mineral oil blend that can be used for all types of motorcycles—big bikes, underbones, and scooters. It is priced at P190 per 1-liter bottle. Then, there is a scooter-specific R5000 10W-40 MB (990PH-21DB0L0MB) that’s designed for Suzuki’s scooter line. It’s priced at P230 per 1-liter bottle.

    ECSTAR oil is also environmental-friendly produced with methods to preserve the global environment. The blend of high-performance synthetic base oil additives makes it superior over normal engine oils in friction characteristics in engine detergency and thermostability, while mineral-based oils have higher tolerances to heat. Both types generate remarkable fuel efficiency and protect Suzuki and other engines.

    For 4-stroke outboard marine engine applications, there’s the Ecstar 10W-30 mineral oil which meets the SAE or NMMA FC-W grade which costs P395 per 1-liter bottle.
    Suzuki Ecstar engine oils are now available at all Suzuki automobile, motorcycle, and marine engine dealerships and service centers nationwide.


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