Sustainability underpins JDC’s thrust

    Green building. The state-of-art JEG Tower will be launched early next year.

    Cebu-based JEG Development Corp. (JDC) is committed to drive the historic city to new heights and to realize a more progressive and resilient future.

    This is despite the temporary pause brought about by the pandemic.

    “JDC’s main thrust has always been to enrich the lives of the communities where our properties are built. We may be a relatively new player in the industry, but our local roots are strong and deep, which is why we are committed to always uplift Cebu through our properties especially with the many adjustments because of the pandemic,” said Marko Sarmiento, JDC chief operating officer.

    What started as a holding company founded by the late Jose Garcia in 1994, JDC has evolved into a real estate company 10 years after and is now led by Sarmiento, Garcia’s grandson.

    Under Sarmiento’s leadership, the company began developing strip malls and residential projects and is now set to unveil a state-of-the-art green building with the launch of JEG Tower early next year.

    The threat of the virus has permanently skewed how businesses are done, and this includes the workplace. JDC is well positioned to address such change.

    JDC estate manager Stefan Garcia said through JEG Tower, the company is driven to develop the healthiest workplace in the city.

    “JEG Tower is built using green techniques, with management plans for soil erosion, waste management, and air quality. A less polluted environment ensures better health, especially lung health, which proved to be a key factor for people during this pandemic,” Garcia said.

    “By pivoting towards green development, Cebu would be a better place to live, work and do business in, as this would reduce both pollution and illness by improving the air quality, waste management, and livability of our urban areas,” Garcia added.

    Ayla Gomez, JDC brand manager, said even before the pandemic, the company has always envisioned JEG Tower to be the game changer that challenges the perspective of businesses when it comes to the workplace.

    “We want to encourage them to put a high priority to providing a healthier workplace, because we see the greater impact on our overall wellbeing and the world we live in,” Gomez said.

    With the launch of JEG Tower soon, JDC is all geared up to redefine the future of the property industry not just in Cebu, but the whole country.

    JDC’s deep regard for the welfare of its tenants, their employees, and the communities they are in has gained the attention of many including the Property Awards Asia, where JEG Tower was nominated as The Best Office Development, making them one of the very few Visayas-based properties that managed to get shortlisted.