Still scuffling with recurring fees for your mail service? Presenting a NAS powered mail solution


    By Joanne Weng
    Senior Sales Manager (HQ)
    Synology Inc.

    THE mail server is one of the most crucial business productivity tools.

    The best email hosting provider will not only let you reliably send and receive an email for your own domain but it might also offer additional values, such as shared contacts, calendars for your company, and collaboration on team documents for superb productivity.

    While the most common mail server solutions are often incorporated with building its own mail service by integrating hardware server and mail solution or cloud mail services, there are also many alternatives to the above-mentioned solutions in the mail server solution market. However, due to limitations for small and medium businesses which includes budget, scalability, maintenance, and or all these combined, using a Network Attached Storage (NAS) seems like a feasible and even practical solution.

    NAS experts Synology took saw the potential of storage access devices and turned to into advantage to answer the market’s inefficiency. It introduced a NAS-based mail server solution called MailPlus that is extremely easy to manage and navigate. MailPlus became the solution that ultimately filled the market gap.

    Some shortcomings of Cloud mail services

    Businesses often ran into challenges using Cloud mail services, such as the lack of availability to certain features required by IT admins, or when business workflows didn’t lend themselves to cloud services because transferring large multimedia and design files from public cloud services would be cumbersome due to bandwidth limitations.

    Other commonly encountered issues include the worries of storing important corporate emails on a Cloud server that may be prone to leakage or attack, or the high perpetual annual subscription fees of using Cloud mail services to replace their existing email server. The subscription fee alone could be insurmountable in the long run.

    Companies like Press Enterprise Group and Beijing Uni-construction favored Synology’s MailPlus for obvious reasons; the Synology solution provides an abundance of technical and managerial features that the cloud mail solutions often don’t have, the ability to efficiently transfer large files locally without bandwidth hassle, and robust security and mail serving experiences that only on-premise solutions have.

    Not to mention the cost saving the business may enjoy without the burden of monthly subscription fees. Bèi-Lěi Qiu, Director of Information Center, Beijing Uni-construction, claimed that “Now that we’re using Synology MailPlus, we finally have a mail solution that considerably enhances our communication efficiency and cybersecurity.”

    Complications with build-your-own mail servers

    What about building your own mail servers?

    Companies that rely on the likes of Microsoft Exchange server often need to invest in significant hardware, maintenance, and licensing costs altogether. Businesses often deploy Microsoft Exchange Server as their main mail server, yet what if Microsoft ends the support with no vulnerability patches available, seems like the more conspicuous way is to upgrade the server, forcing businesses to invest more.

    Consequently, IT admins would need to look at upgrading Microsoft AD and the whole Office packages since they no longer support the older version of a MS Exchange server.

    CMC Magnets, a digital storage media manufacturer, fell victim to above-mentioned pain points, and it was only until CMC switched to Synology’s MailPlus solution did they realize that a NAS-powered mail server solution was the perfect remedy for their email issues. CMC no longer needed to worry about the worrisome subscription fees that are piling up in the long run, the IT admins are able to take control of email security with intuitive UI, while enjoying the flexibility and scalability of storage space as the company expands.

    “Synology MailPlus has a cost advantage that has helped us save 2-3 times on the overall deployment costs and fulfills our needs of email security and scalability,” Zeng, Yi-Wen, IT Manager at CMC shared.

    Synology MailPlus is bound to Synology NAS. This means all your emails will be stored on on-premise servers, providing full data ownership.

    More on NAS

    Often times when you examine a modern NAS mail server solution like Synology’s, not only can the solution serves most needs, the built-in features are already quite complete, not to mention how economical and budget-friendly it is compared to both legacy and Cloud mail servers.

    Comparing with the formerly utilized subscription-based mail services which required follow-up maintenance and upgrade costs, CMC claimed that MailPlus comes with a flexible user-based licensing plan, allowing the business to get software and hardware at the same time, at a one-time cost, resulting in almost 3 times the saving while providing mail service to compliment more than 600 employees.

    Start small and easily scale up your mail server as you go.

    NAS powered mail server like Synology MailPlus provides a well configured and easy to use mail server solution. Should businesses and enterprises have ever encountered any above-mentioned scenarios, an on-premise solution like a NAS mail server may be a good option to consider.

    Learn more about the on-premise mail server: For a free Synology MailPlus webinar visit:


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