Startup reboots to automate education processes


    A system originally created and designed to connect 42,000 barangays in the country has been rebooted into a platform that can automate each process in education.

    Several schools in Metro Manila and in Central Luzon are now taking advantage of the online automation capabilities of the system called Called Red Circle Global (RCG), a unified command and control platform over the Internet.

    “We are the most affordable end-to-end school automation system in the whole country,” Edward Roldan, RCG founder said.

    “We automate every process of a school operation. We also solve their problems in ID printing and we are the only school automation company in the Philippines that can provide unlimited radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards to each student, free British-made, military-grade RFID printer, free lanyard per student, and personalized communication hotline. Our clients can even reach us via Viber or phone call 24/7.” Roldan continued.

    Schools using RCG also create secure campuses since parents, especially OFW parents, as well guardians get an online account where they can monitor the location of each student.

    “We are living in unpredictable times to date. Being empowered to know whether your child is inside the vicinity of the school can give you peace of mind. We are not just solving concerns of the parents (such as knowing the whereabouts of their children) but also making it easier for school administrators to roll out programs since they have an updated access on the number of material to their school operations,” Roldan adds.

    Teachers are now empowered to collaborate more with their fellow teachers since our platform is offering an online repository where they can share study materials and syllabus.

    In the future, Roldan hopes to roll out an RCG EduBox or a plug-and-play school automation system. As a volunteer for the Red Cross, he also hopes to donate his services to the organization and enhance their existing command and control system.

    “Our mission is really to uplift the school education system through automation. If we can automate most of the private and public schools in the Philippines, they can save more resources for infra improvement,” Roldan concludes.