Soldiers learn how technology improves financial knowledge


    MEMBERS of the Armed Forces of the Philippines recently received training on the use of technology to improve financial literacy.

    Initiated by Zybi Tech Inc. in partnership with JCI (Junior Chambers International) Manila the intimate conference to 49 members of the AFP was held at the Bulwagang Reyes, CRSAFP in Camp Aguinaldo.

    During the discussions, attendees also shared their thoughts and opinions regarding the subject matter of financial management. The event took a little over two hours, which included a side by side tutorial on how to use the JuanCash mobile app.
    JuanCash is an electronic money issuer (EMI) app.

    With a variety of finance and expense management services like mobile prepaid loading, bills and utilities payment, and fund transfer. These can all be executed from the app. It also has a “Scan-to-Pay” system where a unique QR code can be utilized by an end-user for sending and receiving money.

    Mark Lester Toribio, JCI Manila’s VP was the first keynote speaker. He talked about how to manage finances appropriately, focused on the do’s and don’ts in spending, and touched on the right mindset in planning ones financial hopes and goals to achieve. Mark was very logical and precise in providing systematic and practical ways on how to do financial planning.

    “If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail,” was Toribio’s simple advise.

    The second keynote speaker Carlo Vincent Mercado, Zybi Tech Product Manager. He discussed everything there is to know about JuanCash, its services, and the benefits that the AFP members are enjoying due to the official partnership. The theme was comprehensive and revolved around JuanCash mobile app’s capabilities. Most importantly, the special privileges and perks that the AFP members are having the benefit of. By utilizing the app, Zybi Tech provides a potential source of income for the AFP members through a 70/30 profit sharing based on net profit per AFP member’s transaction.

    JCI Manila’s advocacy is to create positive change through developing opportunities. Its partnership with Zybi Tech compliments it by incorporating financial inclusion– especially to those people and communities in the ‘last mile’ that are unbanked and underbanked.

    Creating an ecosystem for livelihood and commerce, serving all market segments.—Gregory E. Bautista