REALME XT: Winning over millennials with ‘superphone’

    Realme XT

    SMARTPHONES have almost lost their use as actual telephones and have become image capturing, video transmission devices, gaming consoles and music players.

    Case in point, is the launch of the Realme XT, with a price point of P16,990 and a quad camera set up with a capture resolution of 64MP, the new phone is expected to keep Realme’s successful charge across the mid-price cellphone market at speed.

    It is not easy to get into the top 10 in the global smartphone brands list. Dominated by Apple and Samsung, the list is based on sales and deliveries. While the top five brands include other Chinese players, Realme’s achievement to slot in 7th place, displaced other brands have been more prevalent in the past.

    To ramp up to that rank requires shipping out over 10 million units globally. It meant a 808 percent year-on-year growth of the brand as measured by the international analytics firm Counterpoint’s in its Q3 2019 report.

    “Getting to the 7th rank worldwide required a lot of work, but I think that the right strategy got us there. We changed the game and disrupted the market in many places in the world.

    And the way we did it is to pay particular attention to how we can change how that market reacts to our products. In the Philippines we are secure in our space with the youth market and the mid-price point segment. We already have a community here we call the Realme Squad. In lifestyle and in gaming we have made headway and we know this is where we are doing very well,” Austine Huang, Marketing Director, Realme said.

    A global downturn in smartphone shipments has affected other brands.

    Realme, however has grown exponentially. It is a young brand, 18 months old globally and only 10 months old in the Philippines. It knows that the product is only the face of the brand, what goes on behind it is what delivers success.

    “We realize that in the very competitive nature of the smartphone market, every brand can have quad cameras, fast processors, high resolution screens and powerful batteries. What we realized is the success point is how to be able to package the high end phones features with a price that is disruptive,” Eason de Guzman, Marketing Lead, Realme Philippines explained, pointing out that price is not the only determinant of sales success.

    The disruption Huang and De Guzman talked about was expressed in one way from its Dare to Leap initiative, a way that the brand connected firmly to its market. Its wide and impressive product lineup covered most of the market segments, from entry level to upper mid-range pricing, making it both acceptable and affordable to a wider audience.

    This wider audience is surprisingly a young one too.

    Realizing this fact, the brand collaborated with Mobile Legends and created one of the most disruptive ways of building the market—taking advantage of 20 million gamers on that platform and communicating to 8 million of them directly.

    “We are running with on the Mobile Legends gaming platform for the second season and it has been a way for us not only to showcase the technological capabilities of our phones—in terms of processing speeds, memory, screen resolution and battery life. This is another disruption we are very proud of because it has enabled us to connect directly to our youthful and youthfully-minded market to show them the power of our products. Realme phones exceeded the challenge,” De Guzman pointed out.

    Focusing on the 64MP, quad camera set up of the Realme XT meant getting specialists and photography experts to test and validate the camera’s prowess.

    National Geographic’s Chief Photography Officer Andy Huey tested a XT and declared how impressive the smartphone’s 4-camera set up was—capturing intricate details and accurate colors with its 64MP Samsung-made image processor using a Tetracell 4-in-1 pixel technology, that breaks photons in four adjacent pixels into a single unit. The result are captures of over 9000 x 6000 pixels on the Ultra 64MP mode. That resolution size provides extra fine and crisp details.

    Realme also collaborated with iconic Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to come up with more distinct models and designs for smartphones. The designer works on the products’ color, materials and finish experimenting on designs that apply to its phones across various price segments.

    “The XT is a superphone—which is designed to meet the lifestyles of the young and aspirational Filipinos. We are confident that the XT can embolden young Filipinos to achieve their goals and dreams, whether photography, e-gaming or creating content. The XT is ready to go the extra mile with them with a long life battery and powerful processor,” Huang concludes.