Property listing made easy by proptech


    Ohmyhome, Singapore’s first one-stop property platform, will soon launch its operations in the Philippines.

    Buoyed by its success in Singapore and Malaysia property markets, Ohmyhome will use proptech to help Filipino homeowners save time, effort and money as they list their properties for sale or lease.

    Proptech speeds up the way business is done in the real estate industry.

    Ohmyhome combines a free and easy-to-use do-it-yourself (DIY) platform and seamless end-to-end services.

    In Singapore and Malaysia, 175,000 active users were generated by the proptech start-up.

    Ohmyhome takes care of the entire transaction process—from search and deal closing all the way to legal services, housing loans from partner banks, conveyancing and mortgage advisory. To do this, Ohmyhome leverages its DIY platform and offers the expertise of its full-time professional agents

    Through Ohmyhome’s DIY platform, listings have an average days-on-market duration of 60 days. The shortest time it has taken to find a buyer or tenant is one day. Ohmyhome’s agents can find a buyer or tenant at twice the speed of the industry average.

    Property deals used to took an average of three to seven months to wrap up.

    Ohmyhome was founded by sisters Rhonda and Race Wong, both real estate experts.