Power to Surprise in a click: the Kia Virtual Showroom


    How you wish this daunting year was over already so you could move on to a ‘now normal’ life. If only there was an “ultra-fast forward button” in the remote controls of our lives, then this global pandemic would have been a thing of the past. But reality doesn’t work this way, and we all have to face each day as it comes, in real time. The same would be true for car buyers who are badly in need of getting a new vehicle for their personal, office, and family use.

    While Kia Philippines is keen on reducing the risk of getting exposed to the coronavirus with all the strict safety and health protocols (which assure customers that every facility and personnel meet or exceed prevailing health guidelines to reduce their exposure to the minimum), they are still creating more and more ways to address and surpass the demands of its customers during these times.

    Now, remember what we said about having a “remote control” to manipulate our environment as we see fit? Well, the local distributor of the Korean carmaker has created a new way that somehow approximates that, and it sure takes all the stresses and risks away.

    It’s called the Kia Virtual Showroom, and this gives customers a 100% worry- and risk-free and enjoyable alternative experience of viewing and shopping for Kia vehicles—right in the comfort and safety of their own homes. The Kia Virtual Showroom enables every visitor to fully focus on the vehicles and services offered, empowering them to arrive at a carefully assessed evaluation before making the purchase.

    That’s just for starters. Here are four more reasons you should whip out that laptop, tablet or mobile phone whenever you need to buy a Kia vehicle:

    1. Browser-friendly layout

    The Kia Virtual Showroom makes every effort to make the online visitor feels “right at home,” like they were in the comfortable, expansive customer lounge of the dealer. Upon entering the Kia virtual showroom, clients may easily browse through the models based on vehicle types (sedan/hatchback, crossover/SUV and commercial vehicle).

    For the sedan/hatchback, prospective buyers may choose from the pocket-rockets Soluto subcompact or the hatchback Picanto. The Soluto is powered by a 1.4 Dual CVVT engine while the Picanto has two powertrain options: the 1-liter three-cylinder or the 1.2 four-cylinder engine.

    Those who want more cabin space yet remain uncompromising in their demand for luxury and elegance may check out the three crossovers/SUVs:  the Stonic, the Seltos and the Sportage.

    The biggest of the trio, the Sportage supplies that early oomph with supreme comfort while on that long drive or the daily work trip. Kia’s premier subcompact crossover Seltos offers a roomy and well-designed interior fitted with a host of technological and safety features. Meanwhile, the newly introduced Stonic, with the “Style that’s Iconic,” delivers that youthful vibe and agile handling to match.

    A dependable partner for businesses, the Kia K2500 is Kia’s lone entry in the commercial vehicle segment. Perfect for hauling cargo and passengers, the Kia K2500 guarantees remarkable utility and flexible use, making it an enduring, multipurpose workhorse for one’s commercial requirements.

    1. Lights, camera, (all-around) action!

    By tapping on the model vehicle, the client can then choose to check the vehicle’s exterior and interior with the 360-degree viewer. The Kia Virtual Showroom even offers this one-of-a-kind experience with an engaging background portraying the actual environment the target users would imagine themselves to be driving the vehicle in. It’s the customer virtually living out his or her dream drive in that dream Kia car.

    The experience would certainly go a long way for visitors to better appreciate the beauty and design of Kia vehicles—from the outside looking in, and from the inside looking out.

    1. Info on demand

    While visitors get the full view of the Kia vehicles, the virtual showroom also provides relevant information while they browse the interactive display, with touchpoints purposefully positioned.

    Once a visitor makes his or her decision to purchase a model, one-touch buttons at the upper right hand corner of the screen allows for the brochure to be downloaded. There, the full specifications can be viewed and a request for quote button is accessible too.

    1. Smooth transit to the physical

    Let’s face it, though. An online interface can only do so much when we deal with the tangibles (and only a few commodities can be heftier and more tangible than these metal beasts!). Sooner or later, car buyers will have to interact in the brick-and-mortar dealerships and have that face-to-face talk with their agents for that important test drive and that ‘last-mile” paperwork to seal the deal.

    For this inevitability, the Kia Virtual Showroom offers the final ace up its sleeve: The “Find a Dealer” tab will help you locate the nearest Kia partner dealer. And for sure, there will be a dealer of the Korean three-letter marque that’s so conveniently located near your home or business establishment, you’d be so pleasantly surprised to think why you didn’t know about it all this time.

    So, are you ready for a carload of great surprises from Kia Philippines? Then stretch your arms, limber up your fingers, power up your gadgets, and start browsing. Check out the digital showroom for awesome Kia vehicles and irresistible deals at the Kia website www.kia.com/ph. And while you’re at it, join our growing social media community by liking and following Kia Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.


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