Picking the right oil for the right ride


    CHOOSING the right products to suit a motorcyclist’s riding style and a bike’s capabilities gets quite tricky when it comes to lubricants.

    Motorcycle owners need to keep their bikes in top shape and find the right product for their specific use like more power, longer endurance, or better mileage for their journeys.

    Shell Philippines recently launched a new range of Shell Advance fully synthetic motorcycle oils that provide specific benefits for specific motorcycle riding needs.

    “Our oils use 99.5 percent pure natural-gas-based oil and are fully synthetic, so they can provide many benefits to the customer,” Lorrie Ramirez, Brand Manager of Shell Advance, explaining how the line of oils was developed to provide specific benefits to a motorcycle engine.

    The three new products are Shell Advance Power, Shell Advance Long Ride, and Shell Advance Fuel Save, with their names explicitly stating what their enhanced benefits are.

    “This new range of motorcycle oils provide all the five benefits of complete protection such as maximized horsepower, enhanced fuel economy, protection against high temperature, clean pistons and superior wear protection, but with one enhanced benefit,” she added.

    Here is how each of the oils ensure safe and effective motorcycle journeys.

    Shell Advance Power starts the line-up. Motorcycle engines need to be preserved but weather, traffic stress the engine and degeneration can happen faster when a poor quality of oil is used.

    It has thermal oxidation stability that helps keep the engine piston clean and free-running, making sure that it has a long-lasting performance. It also suppresses power loss. Based on two separate field trials covering up to 20,000 kilometers, motorcycles lubricated with Shell Advance Power did not experience any power drop compared to when they were new.

    Shell Advance Long Ride was designed specifically for engines subject to high temperatures, such as those used in long rides which are subject to highly unfavorable conditions. For example, the oil may evaporate, causing oil levels to drop. Oil viscosity will also increase and affect its ability to lubricate. During long rides, loss of oil will become substantial and this could cause lubrication failure that leads to engine breakdown.

    To specifically address this, Shell Advance Long Ride has oil volatility control, which makes sure that there are enough oil levels to maintain effective lubrication to the engine, with less top-up required. It is expertly formulated to give more endurance during long rides of up to 6,000 kilometers.

    Another benefit of Shell Advance Long Ride is its robust formulation. High-quality oil ensures that the oil will last longer without compromising engine protection and performance. It is 17.9 percent more oxidative stable than the leading full-synthetic competitor’s product so it can provide lubrication to the engine longer. This will keep the engine running effectively during long journeys.

    Shell Advance Fuel Save are for riders whose priority is to save fuel, such as those who use their motorcycles every day to go to work and back.

    With its Pureplus Technology-derived base oil, molecules are uniformly sized which make it easier to slide over creating lesser friction and smoother components movement hence, less fuel consumption. This is not normally experienced in a mineral-based motorcycle product. Even if fuel consumption is reduced with Shell Advance Fuel Save, engine durability is not affected and an additional five kilometers per liter was realized as compared to a mineral-based motorcycle oil after 12,000 kilometers test under realistic driving conditions.

    Riders who use Shell Advance Fuel Save can enjoy a lower running cost and go longer without refueling.