Now its the best time for online learning


    WITH the changing landscape of learning due to unforeseeable global events such as the Corona outbreak, parents turn to online learning programs to help their child continue their studies while they are at home. 

    The Galileo Enrichment Learning Program has turned to online learning for kids, with the launch of Galileo Online Learning (GO Learning). Through the use of technology, GO Learning is able to connect the Galileo community online and provide them with teacher-guided tasks and self-learning activities.

    GO Learning, as an online learning provider, provide many advantages as it engages the learner wherever they are. We listed down top 3 reasons why parents should enroll their child in online learning:

    Convenience and Minimal Supervision. Online learning does not require parents to drive their kids to a particular location. They can study and improve their skills at home and at their own suitability with minimal supervision. This way, parents can attend to their busy schedule and other activities with the assurance that their kid is getting the required personalized support they need. On the other hand, kids also feel more in control of the process and in charge of their education.

    Enforces an Interactive Approach to Learning. Students in a classroom receive information in a passive way. Some students are even left unnoticed if they shy away from asking questions. However, online learning encourages interaction and active engagement through the use of online games, assignments, and personalized activities. This builds the kids’ confidence and lessens frustrations as they are encouraged to participate in a fun way. With proper guidance, online learning taps into their interests and gives them the freedom to contribute solutions and answers.

    Online learning also increases interaction with shy students. Video conferencing such as Zoom allows students to raise their hand if they want to ask a question, or directly send a question to the teacher if they are afraid or shy to ask in front of their peers. The platform creates a safety net for kids. Reports suggest that online learning programs have proven to help kids’ build their confidence.

    This increased confidence does not only help students through their academic year but also helps them to perform well in all aspects of their life.

    Promotes Independence, Responsibility and Self-Discipline. Kids are tech-savvy and can easily navigate the internet — maybe even better than us. Navigating online learning portals will be easy for them and they may be in control of what they learn online. Even if students learn at their own pace and time, certain online learning portals pose deadlines and time limits in accomplishing the activities. This promotes routine work, time management, self-learning, independence, and responsibility with the content that they absorb from the online resources. These traits, if conquered, will help the kids get through a long way when they engage in life offline.

    As the use of technology grows day by day, new modes of learning have entered the world of education. Without a doubt, online learning benefits children and will be the future of education.

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