MSMEs can export faster with boost from local start up


    EXPORTING is not an easy task. The paperwork and processing can become tedious, especially for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME’s) whose resources are limited.

    In these pandemic times these limitations are amplified. Local sales slow down caused by the current economic downturn has opened exporting as an opportunity. But novices to the export trade may seem encounter problems that makes exporting expensive, confusing and risky, especially since a profitable return is not certain. Many such businesses are finding a life line through a local startup, 1Export.

    Mel Nava, CEO of 1Export, during their pitch in SoGal San Francisco 2020

    According to 1Export, there are a lot of opportunities that MSMEs can take advantage of while in this pandemic. Global trends point to an increase in purchase of essential products, but as the curve flattens in other countries, people are looking for things that provide comfort or happiness.

    As an end-to-end platform for cross-border trade and fulfillment, 1Export can help MSMEs in all their exporting needs—not just to keep afloat in these trying times—but also to grow. Led by young professionals in their respective fields, 1Export is a one-stop, holistic solution for businesses looking to expand their market range without needing to carry the numerous pitfalls associated with exporting their products. Moreover, there is compliance—a process of meeting standards—that need to be hurdled.

    “Exporting is often viewed as a tedious and laborious process. For most MSMEs, creating a truly globally competitive brand remains just a pipe dream. We believe that, when done right, exporting can be a powerful tool to showcase MSME talent, uplift the economy, and change the lives of people. At 1Export, we aim to harness the innate ingenuity, talent and beauty of the country and showcase it to the world.” Daniel Remo, Chief Operating Officer of 1Export says.

    As the process of becoming compliant begins, 1Export holds the hands of its partners by finding them the appropriate buyers for any and all of the products that they wish to export. Currently, 1Export offers its services to 9 international markets, with each market having their own sets of standards that each business must comply with in order to successfully export their products.

    These compliance standards make exporting more complicated than it needs to be.

    1Export smooths out  the process with a tech platform, which makes creating the correct documentation for any country simple. In addition to this, MSME suppliers can also conveniently use automated labeling through a simple upload of a photo, making the path to going global a seamless one. With a myriad of services to adequately equip partner suppliers with their exporting needs paired with a 100 percent port clearance rate, 1Export presents an opportunity unlike any other with a potential to earn in US dollars.

    “We make them globally competitive so that they can export, we help them export so they can sell more, stay afloat, and serve the needs and wants of other markets”. Because travel is limited, cross-border trade has increased and to bring products people want and long for now need to comply with trade regulations abroad,” Mel Nava, Chief Executive Officer of 1Export said.

    1Export has won numerous awards internationally (Gojek Xcelerate 2019 & SoGal San Francisco 2020 Global Pitch winner), because of its focus on making exporting easier for businesses big or small. It remains to be the largest export e-commerce platform in the Philippines in terms of revenue share.


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