Moving to the suburbs? Trava is for you

    Relive the good old days in the province with wide, open spaces offered by the Trava community.
    Relive the good old days in the province with wide, open spaces offered by the Trava community.

    The 33-hectare Trava in Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna enables contemporary parents to create an enhanced version of the good old days when living in the province meant wide, open spaces.

    Below are some of the best reasons for considering moving to suburban-located Trava:
    Backyard playground. Residents can enjoy countryside living with a full-sized garden at home. Here, they can cultivate fruit-bearing trees and organic herbs, or install an outdoor playground in the middle of the garden.

    Almost half of the premiere development is dedicated to open spaces and parks.
    Nature as power source.

    The community adheres to a green philosophy that encourages the use of natural or eco-engineered materials and solar power in homes, as well as in social areas like the grand clubhouse complex.

    Since air quality in the area is generally better than in most urban centers in the country, Trava homeowners can have skylights and large windows installed to welcome nature inside the house.

    Generosity of space. Trava lot cuts are generously configured ranging from 550 to 750 square meters (sq.m.), which can accommodate: a swimming pool, a boudoir, book-lined walls, a private music studio, a craft workshop, or customized display shelves.

    Property owners can bring in massive artworks, antique pieces, and eco-friendly appliances without making the space feel crowded. Outside, the homes are designed to be gateless and utilities are built underground.

    Socialize in a safe neighborhood. State-of-the-art security features include CCTV cameras in strategic locations, a perimeter security system, and radio frequency identification (RFID)

    The jogging paths, tennis courts, and dance studio encourage community interaction.

    Simple joys, upgraded. Within the neighborhood of Trava, there’s a children’s pavilion and other recreational amenities like the pool and sports facilities.

    Outside the community, Greenfield City is practically a self-sustaining township with commercial outlets like Paseo, Arcadia, and Laguna Central, hospitals and schools.