Mobile dryers best for tropical conditions


    GT Mobile Fast Dryers have proven to be durable and highly compatible for the Philippines’ tropical conditions, as more agribusinessmen and farmers’ cooperatives have placed their trust on the mobile fast dryers since 2011.

    All Certified Equipment Trading Corporation (ACETC) has sold at least 381 units of the GT Mobile Fast Dryers since their introduction in June 2011, the year the company started its operations, to August this year. Since their introduction in the Philippines in 2006 by a previous distributor, a total of 403 units of GT dryers have been sold up to August this year.

    Most of the GT Mobile Fast Dryers sold in the Philippines are still in service as their operators have also placed their trust on ACETC the company for the maintenance of their dryers.

    Also, all GT Mobile Fast Dryers from the United States are complete packages, since they already have built-in motors and systems for drying grains.

    “GT Mobile Fast Dryers have gained a reputation for being suited for local, tropical conditions here, and being durable and long-lasting given proper maintenance,” ACETC Chairman and President Benigno O. Limcumpao said.

    ACETC believes that when introducing new farm equipment in tropical countries like the Philippines, factors like excessive heat, dust and torrential rains should never be overlooked.

    For his part, ACETC Vice President and General Manager Bhong C. Amoroso said ACETC makes sure that every GT Mobile Fast Dryer that is sold in the Philippines is serviced by the company’s highly-trained personnel and supplied with genuine quality parts from GT Manufacturing Inc. based in the United States.

    “GT Mobile Fast Dryers could provide decades of service, and there are existing models in other countries that are still functioning after two or three decades of use,” he said.

    GT Mobile Fast Dryers could dry corn or palay (unhusked rice), and could be transported in the field with a farm tractor. This reduces the need for corn and rice farmers to transport their grains to a drying facility that is located over a long distance. GT Mobile Fast Dryers could also be used to dry sorghum.

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    ACETC offers three GT Mobile Fast Dryers for the Philippine market: 245XL with 6-ton capacity; 345XL with 8.9-ton capacity; and 545XL with 12.7-ton capacity. All models can dry grains to a moisture content of 31 percent to 14 percent.

    To dry grains, GT Mobile Fast Dryers can run on an electric motor using a 3-phase line and generating set, a simple four-cylinder diesel engine, or the PTO of a farm tractor. This makes the GT Mobile Fast Dryers very versatile, as they still can operate in areas where there is no electrical power.

    GT Mobile Fast Dryers are backed by 65 years of innovation by GT Manufacturing, which has been exporting its mobile dryers to more than 83 countries including the Philippines.

    ACETC also distributes Massey Ferguson farm tractors and the 2168 Combine Harvester; Yanmar, Kaiao and Platinum small engines for largely agriculture applications; farm implements from Kuhn, KK, SiP, FAE, Berti, Bison and CMT; GT Mobile Fast Dryers; Max Cane Loaders; Rain Bird advanced irrigation systems; and Tajima 3-in-1 knapsack type sprayers.

    Founded in May 2011, ACETC has successfully made Massey Ferguson the top farm tractor brand in the Philippines.


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