Mazda releases “build it yourself” program for MX-5


    Allows buyers to choose from 78 different combinations

    Starting this November Mazda offers the ability for owners to personalize their MX-5 before it drives off the showroom. The Build Your Personal MX-5 Program is available for the 2021 model year MX-5.

    A total of 78 combinations are possible when the customer pre-orders their MX-5, thus creating truly unique and personalized vehicle with preferences in transmission, exterior color, interior trim, soft top or retractable fastback, and even up to two different soft top color choices.

    New for 2021MY MX-5 are available premium-grade, 6-speed manual transmission MX-5 soft-top variants. Clients can now bask in luxurious leather seats, either in Red Nappa or Premium Black Leather, and enjoy a 9-Speaker BOSE Sound System. Standard for Premium Soft Top manual transmission are Bilstein dampers and front strut bars.

    New for the 2021MY MX-5 Soft Top is a new roof color, Dark Cherry, on top of the current classic black soft top, while new for the standard variant is the body color Deep Crystal Blue Mica.

    “Mazda is known for its beautifully designed, superior quality, and meticulously engineered cars,” shares Steven Tan, president and CEO of Mazda Philippines. “The distinctive and dynamic nature of Mazda Design has influenced us to be more creative on how we present our cars to our customers. That is why we are introducing the Build Your Personal MX-5 Program.”

    Tan adds, “By giving them the opportunity to personally design and customize their very own MX-5 with our interactive online and showroom ordering guide, our clients will surely feel an even deeper and longer-lasting bond with their cars. This is a privilege previously found only in luxury sports car brands. And now, we make it available to Mazda clients who wish to create an even more personal MX-5 to suit their personality.”

    The customized pre-order will be initiated by a reservation fee in any of the 19 Mazda dealerships nationwide. Sales Consultants have been trained to handle client requests and orders through this program. Personalized orders are expected to take an average lead time of between four to six months from order to delivery, depending on production allocation capacity and shipping logistics timing.

    All Mazda MX-5 variants are powered by the 2.0-liter Skyactiv-G engine that produces 184PS and 205Nm of torque. Through innovations in engine, chassis, suspension and body design in Skyactiv Technology, this roadster remains true to its original concept as a lightweight, open-top sports car that delivers a pure driving experience.

    As with all Mazda vehicles sold in the country, the Mazda MX-5 comes with a 5-Year Free Service Plan. It covers all expenses of periodic maintenance at either six-month or 10,000km intervals, for up to five years or 100,000km, whichever comes first.

    Bermaz Auto Philippines, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Mazda vehicles and parts in the country. There are 19 Mazda 3S dealerships located across the Philippines and Metro Manila–Mazda Greenhills, Mazda Pasig, Mazda Quezon Avenue, Mazda Makati, Mazda Alabang, Mazda Cavite, Mazda Sta. Rosa, Mazda Pulilan, Mazda Pampanga, Mazda Dagupan, Mazda Cabanatuan, Mazda Tarlac, Mazda Negros, Mazda Cebu, Mazda Iloilo, Mazda Cagayan De Oro, Mazda Davao, Mazda Butuan and Mazda General Santos.


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