Lenovo builds limited edition laptop with Ducati


    by Deriq T. Bernard

    TECHNOLOGY means performance. A technology manufacturer Lenovo and motorcycle maker Ducati took this very seriously and recently partnered to build a limited edition laptop.

    Both brand value creativity, passion and technology. These are at the heart of what both of them do and two years ago, Lenovo brought its smarter technology to the racetrack by becoming the key technology partner of Ducati.

    Unveiled at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, CES 2020 was the special edition thin and light laptop: the Lenovo Ducati 5-with wrap-around racing stripes, colorful gift box and companion carrying sleeve with an emblazoned Ducati shield.

    “It has been an honor to co-create something together, something new and premium that people can’t wait to get their hands on as they roll out to market. Even now, people ask me if I can save them one. Much of the deep emotional connection that customers feel as they consider the new Lenovo Ducati 5 was purposeful,” Brian Leonard, Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group’s Vice President of Design said as he presented an inside look at this collaboration.

    Leonard explained that it was Lenovo’s intention from the beginning to become bold in this partnership after visiting the Ducati factory in Bologna, Italy several times. There he saw the passion of the employees for creativity and for quality, building each motorcycle like it was their own.

    “When they build a motorcycle, they’re building it for one customer, and they love their customers. It’s little wonder why so many leave Ducati’s showroom with a catalog under their arm; once you see the stylish, refined lines of some of these bikes, you’re hooked,” Leonard describes his experience.

    Balanced design is part of Ducati’s brand. Honoring that heritage was one of the drivers to producing the Ducati-inspired Lenovo laptop with each element chosen deliberately. Everything had so speak and feel Ducati—the materials, finishes and colors used all had to meet the high standard of Ducati.

    The new Lenovo is a limited edition model, with only 12,000 to be produced. According to its designers these devices “feel special, almost custom-built,” and are tailored for the biggest Ducati fans.

    “As a team, we spent our time concerned with which aesthetics were going to resonate well with fans of Ducati and Lenovo – a design that fused the two brands. A look and feel that was understated but special to allow diehard Ducati fans to appreciate the quality of the finishes and unique details. It’s more than simply making a new computer, we wanted it to be sought-after; a collectible intended for fans to show off their deep-rooted passion for Ducati,” he added.

    The Lenovo Ducati 5 is a Windows 10 laptop has 12 hours of battery life with Rapid Charge2 for speedy battery pit-stops. Processing is done by a 10th Generation Intel Core i5 processors, Intel integrated graphics, and upward-facing speakers and Dolby Audio. Using WiFi 6 connectivity and a 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) display with razor-thin bezels for wide-angled viewing and in-plane switching (IPS) up to 300 nits bright.

    It has an optional white backlit keyboard and an integrated fingerprint reader in the power button supported by Windows Hello for faster log in, HD webcam with an integrated privacy shutter, with 8 GB DDR4 memory and 1TB SSD PCIe for storage. It weighs 3.48lbs (1.58kg) and is only 0.66 inches (16.9mm) thick. It will be available in select markets starting in April 2020. Pricing is estimated to start at €899.