Investors urged to pick best vehicle

    Ridgewood Premier Hotel rooms are available in standard, deluxe, and two-bedroom suites.

    New property developer Novel Residential Concepts Inc. sees opportunities even during the downturn.

    Alfonso Keh Jr., Novel treasurer, said the economic slowdown due to the pandemic gives investors time to pick the best vehicles for their hard-earned money.

    “When businesses get back to normal, those who bet on the right investments can hold on to that advantage,” said Keh.

    One such investment is Ridgewood Premier Hotel project, a 168-room facility on C5 road near Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

    Scheduled for operations by 2022, Ridgewood Premier Hotel will occupy the 15th to 19th floors of the Ridgewood Towers Premier project of property developer C-5 Mansions Development Corp.

    Under Novel’s prospectus, investors will receive a condominium certificate of title (CCT) and a lease agreement. Investors can expect two types of returns: a guaranteed 6 percent annual return on their total investment, plus up to 6 percent occupancy bonus per annum based on audited hotel occupancy rates.

    “It is in times like this when our new, exciting investment concept will naturally stand out.

    The investment is safe as it is backed by a CCT, or condominium certificate of title, so you have in your hands a property that is appreciating in value. But as important, we give an annual return of up to 12 percent depending on the hotel’s occupancy,” Keh said.

    A Ridgewood Premier Hotel investment takes the form of any of the three units available: standard, deluxe, and two-bedroom suites. The investment cost includes an interiors package to ensure that fixtures, furnishings and appliances are hotel-grade and up to par with Ridgewood Premier Hotel’s quality standards.

    The upkeep and operation of the units will be managed by professionals, freeing owners from the responsibility.

    Compared to usual investment instruments such as time deposit, stocks, or bonds, a Ridgewood Premier Hotel investment can generate a return on investment (ROI) within 9 years.

    “Stocks are very volatile right now and can go either way. Bonds meanwhile are giving out lower interest rates. A Ridgewood Premier Hotel investment offers a better alternative to time deposits that pay out up to 5 percent over a couple of years. For one, the yields are bigger and the ROI period is shorter,” Keh added.