Investing in property made easy


    With all the positive predictions on the prospects of the real estate market, leading property solutions platform Ohmyhome said Filipinos can consider investing in the sector.

    But Ohmyhome co-founders Race and Rhonda Wong Race and Rhonda are aware of the dearth of information regarding available properties and financing options and some real estate professionals fall short in providing what customers need.

    “These obstacles to eventual property investment and homeownership are what Ohmyhome aims to address,” the company said.

    Ohmyhome said its technology can make property investments a seamless and easy process for Filipinos.

    The company said Ohmyhome, launched in the country in September 2020, aims to make the housing experience practical, quick, and enjoyable for prospective Filipino property investors. It has a do-it-yourself platform and agent services accessible through its user-friendly application and website.

    “Many Filipino customers are still accustomed to speaking with agents on social media, possibly referred to them by someone they know. Thus, we want to exert more efforts in introducing the property audience to the convenience of our application and website,” the company said.