Instilling a culture of tourism through education


    The Tourism Promotions Board, the marketing arm of the Department of Tourism, is spearheading an advocacy program which aims to promote and instill the culture of tourism while showcasing the richness and beauty of the country.

    Titled “Tara Na, Byahe Tayo,” the program will gather selected senior high educators from public schools who will be given the opportunity to see food, art, and travel destinations in Southern Luzon.

    The program will give teachers a chance to travel within the country. Through the experience, they will not only be able to appreciate the underrated attractions and offerings of the country, but they will also develop a sense of environmental awareness, conservation, and sustainable use of natural resources.

    To achieve the said objectives, the three-day program is made up of three components – an advocacy tourism forum, a tour program, and civic duties and sustainable awareness activities.

    To kick off the program, participants were welcomed in a forum that discussed responsible tourism, domestic tourism, and the role of women and children in tourism.

    Non-governmental organization officers and well-known personalities, such as PACEOS president JM Antonio Pascual, ECPAT Philippines executive director Dolores SD. Alforte, and social media influencer Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann, gave talks during the forum to provide participants with insights about the different aspects and importance of tourism.

    During the tour proper, the teachers will be able to go around CALABARZON where they’ll immerse themselves in an experience that will open their minds about the arts, heritage, and gastronomic delights of the area.

    There will be three simultaneous tours that will take place on different parts of the region.

    One of the three tours was in Rizal, where participants visited the Carlos Botong Francisco Blanco Museum, Nemiranda Art House, Antipolo Church, and Pinto Art Museum.