HyperPod brings simplicity, efficiency to data centers


    SMART energy usage. This is the objective of Schneider Electric’s first containment solution called HyperPod. Developed in collaboration with VST-ECS Philippines (known previously as MSI-ECS) the solution aims to help businesses become smarter energy consumers, transforming data center management and maintenance.

    Data storage and processing is scaled rack by rack rather than server by server which takes up more room space. Data centers now look to simpler, cost-optimized equipment and open compute architectures.

    Schneider Electric’s HyperPod enables data centers to be designed, deployed, and upgraded faster at a lower total installation cost. It is scalable and highly customizable to support various business applications increasing efficiency while maintaining flexibility and the ability to roll racks in and out. Compared to traditional systems, it has frame-based containment and power cables are mounted on its own cantilevers.

    The system also allows for swift installation, up to 21 percent faster compared to traditional methods. Reducing installation time for ceiling grid work, installation of under-floor cable trays and cutouts. This results to containment assembly and running power that prevents costly, time-consuming, and invasive construction, and accommodate different cooling configurations, support a variety of power distribution options. The high scalability opens opportunities for new applications quickly and cost-effectively.

    “The concept behind Schneider Electric’s newest innovation is all about helping businesses optimize their operations and making sure that we get maximum productivity while achieving savings and efficiency. With HyperPod, we hope to reshape industries by providing Innovation at Every Level through our scalable and flexible innovation that is fit for any business’ data center needs. Our partnership with VST-ECS Philippines showcases what efficiency truly means and we hope to share this with everyone,” Tony Kang, Business Vice President for Secure Power, Schneider Electric Philippines said.

    The HyperPod is offered to co-location and Cloud providers, large telecommunications companies, and large enterprises. Since it is scalable, it can also cater to small-to-medium businesses that house their own data centers. Installation costs varies as it is highly dependent on the size and scale of data centers, but up 16 percent capex savings can be realized as companies start making the shift.

    “Schneider Electric is more than just a partner to VST-ECS. We strongly believe in their mission when it comes to using technology to create innovations that businesses and consumers can use to optimize their operations for maximized productivity and efficiency.

    This is why we are opening the first HyperPod in the Philippines to companies and end-users with data center operations so they can learn more about its different applications and benefits,” Tom Pascual, Jr., Assistant Vice President for Technology and Product Solutions Division, VST-ECS Philippines added, mentioning that site tours can be arranged by contacting Joan Aquino at [email protected]