Huawei tops share of active 5G-ready devices globally


    Data analyzed by Finbold indicates that Chinese tech firm Huawei is leading in active 5G-ready devices with a share of 26.9 percent globally during the last quarter of 2020. Samsung ranks second with a share of 25.1 percent, while Apple accounts for 19.5 percent. Vivo, another Chinese firm, controls a share of 11.8 percent, with Honor accounting for 6.9 percent of the active 5G-ready devices.

    The Finbold analysis also compared the share of 5G-ready devices between Samsung and Huawei from August 2020 to December 2020. The findings show that Samsung dominated the share for the four months before December.

    In August, Samsung’s share was 45.2 percent against Huawei’s 10.2 percent. As of September, the South Korean manufacturer share increased to 48.1 percent, with Huawei accounting for 10.1 percent. The dominance continued in October, with Samsung taking a share of 48.6 percent while Huawei accounted for 9.5 percent.

    In November, both players saw their active 5G-ready devices share drop as Samsung accounted for 44.9 percent against Huawei’s 8.6 percent. As of December, Huawei flipped the status to rank top at 27 percent, with Samsung accounting for 25.1 percent.

    “Like other industries, most of the manufacturers were impacted with Covid-19 disruption that affected global supply. However, Huawei appears to have sustained the downturn after China controlled the pandemic early, unlike competitors in the west which entered the pandemic’s second wave towards Q4,” the report explains stating the circumstances that potentially contributed to Huawei emerging as a dominant force in active 5G-ready devices. The report also said that growth of Huawei might soon be challenged since competitors are increasingly launching new 5G devices. For instance, Apple, with just one active 5G-ready device and is ranked third is rushing to develop more 5G-compatible devices.


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