Hot money yield net inflows


    Transactions on BSP-registered foreign portfolio investments for October 2019 yielded net inflows of $105 million as a result of the $1.25 billion inflows and $1.15 billion outflows for the month.

    The $1.25 billion registered investments reflected a 3.8 percent decrease from the $1.30 billion figure in September.

    About 81.9 percent of investments registered during the month were in PSE-listed securities while the remaining 18.1 percent balance went to investments in Peso GS.

    The United Kingdom, US, Singapore, Luxembourg, and Malaysia were the top five investor countries for the month, with combined share to total at 73.9 percent.

    Outflows for the month were lower compared to the level recorded for September 2019.

    The US received 74.8 percent of total outflows.

    Year-on-year, registered investments were 31.5 percent higher than the $953 million level recorded in October 2018.

    Similarly, gross outflows were higher than the outflows noted a year ago. In contrast, net outflows of $68 million were noted for the same period a year ago.