Holcim products listed on procurement website for green builders

    Holcim Excel, here being readied for delivery, is among the cement products now listed on the Green Building Procurement Hub, along with Holcim Solido and Holcim Wallright.

    As the global leader in building solutions, Lafarge Holcim Group recently unveiled bold plans to further improve environmental performance. Local unit Holcim Philippines, Inc.’s cement offerings were listed on an online platform that guides contractors looking for materials and services for green building projects.

    Holcim Solido, Holcim Excel, and Holcim Wallright, which are designed for infrastructure, general purpose and masonry, are now listed on the Green Building Procurement Hub (Green Building/PH), a website that identifies products, services, and building spaces with green credentials. Green Building/PH is a service provided for the members of the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC), an organization that accredits buildings for following or exceeding environmental standards.

    The company explains on Green Building/PH that Holcim Solido, Holcim Excel and Holcim Wallright are environment friendly because these are produced with lower greenhouse gas emissions and overall carbon footprint compared with Ordinary Portland Cement.

    The company said the products use mineral additives that reduce their content of clinker, the carbon-intensive component of cement and produced with low carbon-alternative fuels. The company is also working to have its range of dry mix mortar products listed on Green Building/PH.

    “This is part of our commitment to contribute to sustainable development in the country by supplying products that have lower environmental footprint while meeting the performance requirements of builders. As construction activity in the country continues, our partners can count on us to provide them with building solutions that are respectful of nature and ensure quality structures,”

    said Holcim Philippines president and chief executive officer John Stull.



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