Holcim launches new product


    Holcim Philippines Inc. launched a new easy-to-use and multipurpose mortar product that can help contractors and masons improve the quality of walls, floors, and tile installation in their building projects.

    Called Holcim Multifix, the product is a combination of sand and cement enhanced with polymer for better performance that can be used just by adding water. Holcim Multifix is produced in the company’s drymix plant removing the need for masons to combine materials on site thus ensuring uniform quality and right proportions for the application of the mortar.

    Being factory produced significantly reduces wastage of building materials such as sand thus making the product friendlier to the environment.

    Holcim senior vice president for Marketing and Innovation Ram Maganti said the new product helps address common challenges of builders in producing mortars such as high-quality raw materials and varying skill levels of workers.

    Holcim Multifix can also be used for screeding, a finishing layer of concrete slabs for levelling floors. It can also be used for tile laying.

    Holcim Multifix is the only all-in-one drymix product in the Philippines.