Hino jeepneys get DOTr certification

    Hino’s modern PUV gets its certification.
    Hino’s modern PUV gets its certification.

    IT’S official. Hino Motors Philippines (HMP) entries to the Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program have received their respective certificates of compliance from the Philippine National Standards (PNS).

    “Hino has been part of the PUV Modernization Program since its planning stages and we will continue to actively support the initiative until it is fully realized. As we are one with the government’s aim of creating a safer, more comfortable public transport system for Filipinos,” HMP Chairman Vicente T. Mills Jr. said in reference to the fact that during the conceptualization stage of the program Hino engineers and planners were consulted.

    Hino’s Eco Class modern PUV Class 2 and Class 3 variants were given approval for full production and selling after evaluations yielded full compliance to PNS specified body dimension measurement, passenger space, ingress and egress standards as well as additional functionalities for specific requirements by the local governments where the vehicles will be deployed.

    These standards may include upgrades for innovation, comfort and security.

    Aside from being fitted with Euro 4-compliant engines and having air-conditioning, all Hino PUVMPs in these two class variants have side-facing seats similar to the layout of traditional jeepneys and can accommodate a total of 26 passengers with 19 seated and 7 standing.

    The Hino modern jeepney is inspired by and patterned after Hino HX small footprint city bus called “Poncho.” This was one of the vehicles presented to the media during the Hino Media Trip to the Hino headquarters in Japan.

    “The Poncho is the inspiration for the local PUVMPs, and is seen as a “best fit” solution to the creation of the modern jeepney. Instead of starting from scratch, we already learned from designs built by our Japanese engineers. So in the area of bus chassis development, choice of engine, Hino Philippines was already ready,” Jek Sangel, Head of Sales and Marketing at HMP said as he explained how the craftsmanship and philosophy in the development of the modern jeepney, having been based on the Poncho model helped HMP achieve high levels of comfort and performance.

    Part of the PNS compliance includes all the technical requirements set by the Bureau of Philippine Standards and feature a speed limiter, GPS, in-vehicle CCTV, electronic Beep card system and a dashboard-mounted camera to guarantee a safer and more convenient ride.

    “Hino will not only be supplying PUV units to its partners and stakeholders but will also be assisting them through the entire transition from individual operators to organizational cooperative systems, even helping them with bank loan applications and aftersales training and fleet maintenance support,” Mills added.

    Drawing from years of experience being the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the country and the only local one-stop shop offering trucks and buses and services from engine to body to spare parts nationwide, HMP is confident the Class 2 and 3 Hino modern jeepneys will elevate the driving and commuting experience of every Filipino driver and passenger.

    “Hino’s international reputation of creating vehicles of high quality and great value is the same foundation on which our modern PUV models are built on. We are positive that with our vehicles and our commitment to deliver Total Support, we will be able to contribute to creating a modern, safer and more sustainable transportation system in the Philippines,” Mitsuharu Tabata said as he congratulated his team for a job well done.

    Hino has turned over close to 400 modern PUV units to various transport cooperatives in Metro Manila and provinces in the South and North. Anticipating rising demand for modern PUVs to increase in light of the modernization program, the company is boosting its manufacturing capability for modern jeepneys.

    But what sets HMP apart is the commitment to the philosophy of Total Customer Support which has gained for the company the support and confidence of haulers, and transport cooperatives nationwide. This promise to provide 360-degree support to every driver, fleet owner, cooperative member and passenger has differentiated the company’s excellent products from others.