‘Healthy’ buildings the new normal

    Menarco Tower is located in Bonifacio Global City.
    Menarco Tower is located in Bonifacio Global City.

    Menarco Tower stands tall and proud among office buildings built in the country’s central business district as it was conceptualized, designed, constructed and managed by world-class Filipino companies.

    But what makes Menarco Tower even more distinctive is that it is one of the first in Southeast Asia to be  both LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)  Gold and WELL Certified Gold.

    Menarco Tower is a collaboration of  AIDEA Philippines Inc., Jose Aliling Construction Management Inc. (JACMI), DATEM Inc. C|S Design Consultancy Inc. and Arcadis Philippines, which all worked on the vision of Menarco Tower founder Carmen Jimenez-Ong:  to build an office tower that puts the wellness of its tenants first.

    “The idea is to provide office workers with an environment that is safe, convenient, and healthful to induce productivity,” said Abelardo Tolentino Jr., AIDEA president and chief executive officer (CEO).

    “Integrity should never be compromised so that the project is completed in accordance with the agreed specifications and standards, within budget, and on time,” added Jose Ramon Aliling,  JACMI president and CEO.

    For example,  Menarco Tower features  elements that are not found in ordinary offices in the Philippines.

    The building’s water filtration system, for example, makes tap water inside tenants’ offices drinkable. The indoor air quality is comparable to that of international hospitals because of the high efficiency air filters being used to prevent particulate matter such as dust and smoke, and other pollutants from entering occupied spaces.

    “The design of buildings, particularly of offices, should go beyond climate and local culture aspects to include considerations related to the environment and occupant wellness — reducing the building’s carbon footprint throughout its lifetime, at the same time making sure the built environment has elements that boost productivity and foster an engaged workforce,” said Katherine Resurreccion, environmental sustainability senior team leader of Arcadis Philippines.

    Another reason that makes Menarco Tower special is its intention to pay tribute to contemporary Filipino talent. The building designed as a vertical museum where Filipino works of art are installed in every floor.

    “A building in the Philippines should maintain thermal comfort while maximizing daylight and presenting stimulating views. Accessibility to public transportation and proximity to modern conveniences such as restaurants, healthcare facilities and supermarkets also fit the Filipino employee’s profile,” said  Michelle Cotoner, DATEM corporate communications manager.

    The entire Filipino team behind the project took careful consideration of the
    country’s climate, culture and the work habits of Filipinos.

    “Menarco Tower is committed to creating a work environment that considers both exterior and interior spaces for the well-being of Filipinos. It shows the company’s belief that as a culture and a people, we deserve the very best there is to offer,” said Anna Sy-Lawrence, managing director of C|S Design. , Anna Sy-Lawrence.

    Menarco Tower is the first project of Menarco Development Corp. and is the ,
    brainchild of Carmen Jimenez-Ong.

    Ong took inspiration  from her father Menardo  Jimenez Sr. for his  discipline, hard work, dedication and love for the arts in conceiving   the 32-storey structure.